22 comments on “Sometimes it’s safer to just not ask questions….

    • You obviously aren’t feuding with your neighbours as much as these guys were. They could probably just go for a walk in the jungle and look for another head to practice on…. 🙂

  1. A glorious and rare example of what I sometimes wish had happened to more interfering colonial nit wits who stomped around the world demanding answers and expecting the red carpet to be rolled out wherever they went….it’s a wonder there’s no examples of esteemed mummified professors being sent back from Egyptian burial sites 🙂

    • I agree, many of those travelling from ‘more civilised’ societies probably owe their continuing existence to the good manners and tolerance of the people they saw as primitive. And don’t start me on missionaries!
      I found a short YouTube clip that purported to be how to shrink a head and thought it was perfect to add to this post. And it was, all the way until the bit where the interviewee in the local church told how he stopped them doing it. Grrrr… We don’t have to like local customs but stomping in and going all missionary on them, aargh! So many societies and beliefs lost. We might see head shrinking as yuck but they might see Botox and fake boobs in the same way!

  2. I had been giving thought to the science involved in shrinking heads. I know now not to ask.

    • You are safe asking here, I don’t have a loopy stick long enough to reach you… 🙂

      All I can imagine after reading this story is a hut hung with the shrunken heads of the opposition, all adorned with the traditional long hair and beads, on the end of the row is a surprised looking short-haired one with glasses.

  3. The best kind of “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning” probably works better than a Beware of the Dog sign…. hmmm 😉

    • 😀 you are probably right! I wonder if any of his colleagues learned to just keep their mouths shut after news of this filtered through?

  4. Knowledge is generally associated with teachers, professors, etc. But I guess this one could have used a little more wisdom! As for how the head shrinkers do it – it’s pretty obvious. They had a shrinky dinks machine.

    • I wonder if, as he realized it was all going pear-shaped, he flashed back to his mum saying to him “You ask too many questions” and knew she was right…. 😀

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