24 comments on “Airborne dynamite, what could go wrong?

    • I would love to have seen the maiden flight! I’m not the one holding the button though….. The Man just put a dampener on my big red button thoughts though, suggesting it might have been launched with a slow burning fuse. Logical, but nowhere near as exciting….

  1. It is clever as buring hydrogen in oxygen gives you water! So you’re not relying on moisture in the atmosphere as much as cloud seeding today!

    • I believe that the controlled burning of the hydrogen could have the desired effect, I just can’t imagine the whole thing going as smoothly as expected! All I can imagine is the BOOM shortly before a melted balloon splats to the ground…..

      In my (admittedly uneducated) searches on cloud seeding the only mention of hydrogen connected with it was the hydrogen balloons used to lift the chemicals (silver iodide, dry ice) into the air. Do you know the reason hydrogen isn’t mentioned for this purpose? I can guess why fifty pounds of dynamite isn’t part of the current recipe though… 🙂

      • It’s a lot of effort to extract hydrogen just to burn it. The silver salts (as used in an episode of Quantum Leap – if you got that out there?) are more encouraging the moisture in the atmosphere to precipitate, I guess. Since the Hindenburg I think hydrogen in air ships has been frowned on!

        • I think after the images of the Hindenburg going down it wouldn’t matter if hydrogen was the safest substance on earth, people would just not go there!

  2. lmao – oh dear. Just watched the video clip, and I suspect the inventor imagined he’d be up there with the balloon and the dynamite, setting it off and drifting down to earth. Clearly some inventive people don’t think things through all that much. 😉

    • I once saw in a lecture theatre a balloon full of oxygen that had a small amount of ether injected into it before – as it floated news the ceiling – a flame was put to it that led to a big fireball. Lots of fun. But not for kids to do at home.

      • Explosions are definitely the way to get students to pay attention. When we went to the open night at the local High School to encourage Number 1 son to get excited about going next year the night was made perfect by the science teacher setting a fireball loose in the kids hands one at a time. Big flame, no pain, lots of happy kids. 🙂

          • That would definitely win over a few. Number 2 can’t wait for his turn to go as they do one elective class each week, the whole school being mixed up and it not being curriculum subjects. One teacher was teaching all about hovercraft, all Number 2’s dreams come true. 😀 I just hope that teacher is still doing it when he gets there!

  3. You’re probably right that dynamite isn’t the way to go in terms of inducing rain, but I can’t think of a more exciting way to try to incite a bit of precipitation. TNT makes everything better, or at least more interesting, right?

    • There is no reason not to try this yourself as far as I’m concerned. Well, there is that whole potential death thing but you know, get someone else to push the big red button and make sure you have a good vantage point and a bucket of water handy…. 😉

  4. This is pure gold, Metan! Idiotic inventions, and idiots on YouTube! I was thinking along the same lines as EllaDee. It has such a cartoon feel about it.

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