10 comments on “Clancy Under the Milky Way.

    • He has a great voice for it too doesn’t he? Switching to blokeyness when needed “… and we don’t know where he are….” just perfect.

  1. That was just amazing… made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I love all aspects of it, the poem, the song Ali & Adam!
    When we saw Adam’s Happyism show recently he sang his Barnesy version of Advance Australia Fair which I think if put to the vote most of us would adopt rather than the existing 🙂

    • Wonderful stuff isn’t it. 😀

      Every Monday morning at the kids school assembly the national anthem is played, they used to have a version with didgeridoos and kids singing and it was pretty enjoyable. Now they have a more operatic version which reminds me of the God Save The Queen days of my own childhood assemblies, horrible!

      Maybe I should lobby for a change to the Adam and Barnesy version and see what the other parents think of that!

    • We have had it in the past, the series that an alongside the Paralympics was a great perspective on something that is usually brushed aside wasn’t it.

      I didn’t know that a new series had started and a quick flick through the guide on the tv doesn’t show it on in the next week. Grrrr. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get it, sometime…

      Have you ever seen Spicks and Specks? It was a music trivia show hosted by Adam Hills. It ran for years and was utterly, hilariously, brilliant.

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