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  1. I’m neither fervent monarchist or republican but in a world of underwelming media news, the new royal baby story is nice, and as Will’s parents did also, they seem to be incrementally inching away from some of the staider, outdated royal protocols, so there’s hope yet for the little prince’s nudie run under the sprinkler and fish & chips in the park, although they may have to visit one of the colonies to accomplish it on a hot day!

    I confess to having a little tear in my eye as I saw the pics of Kate wearing a blue polka dot dress as a tribute to Will’s mum 🙂

    • I guess Diana being a person who really liked kids, and whose time wasn’t taken up with being ruler, changed the way royal children were treated.
      I think that in recent years most of the royal family have become less staid haven’t they. I even saw footage of Her Maj talking to a small child about waiting for the new baby the other day rather than just the standard smiles and waves.

      I hope the new prince gets to do all those little kid things, they were just saying on the news that Kate can hang out in her home town like a normal person and that no-one bothers her. Hoopefully for him that is true. I guess all it takes is one inconsiderate, money seeking pap to ruin it though doesn’t it?

      Just thinking about this prince’s possible favourite uncle, the amusing Harry, I guess there is a good chance that there will be some scandalous photos in his future though!

  2. What a life indeed. I wonder at what point the monarchy becomes so redundant they actually cease? I’m not trying to be mean – I quite like W&K – but they are a bit pointless, if not just a public example of good manners (mostly) that politicians are not. (PS I totes just posted about this too.)

    • I just read your post as you posted this comment. 🙂
      I guess the royals only saving grace is that they don’t behave like politicians and aren’t usually embroiled in sex scandals or corruption.
      Well, not recently. And not publicly. Perhaps they just have better handlers than the pollies do or that they just have all the dirt on everyone else who thinks they are important.
      Conspiracy theorists, discuss. 😉

  3. My name is David and I am a fervent Monarchist. Sound like the start of an AA meeting doesn’t it. Without going into all the details I just have to say “Consider the alternative.” Show me a single republic that works. Politicians come and go and they know they’re there for a limited time , there’s nothing to stop them being corrupt and feathering their own nests. Who would rally round and unite around a politician? Yet Her Majesty can unite not just the UK but the Commonwealth too. And she is the reason the Royal Family are so loved after giving her life completely to the care of her people since 1952. She never sought the limelight but accepted the duty she was given despite not having been prepared from childhood for it. Each new generation sees a closeness to the people and a more human side but all are ready to do their duty.After Charles III, King William will be ready to serve and seek to unite his people despite Politicians trying to split them.
    ( Sorry, rant over) xxx Hugs xxx

    • Fervent monarchist? I would never have guessed… 😉

      I am not a monarchist but I agree with everything you said. A few years ago in Australia we had a referendum to change to a republic (I voted against) and it failed. I expect that the main reason it failed wasn’t because we love the queen but because we don’t trust elected officials.

      When people talk about becoming a republic all I can imagine is a Supreme Leader sucking the countries coffers dry for their term and then passing the whole disaster on to the next grasping hand. We can’t stand our politicians as it is, I don’t imagine we would love any leader with even more power.

      I have a lot of respect for the queen, having devoted her life to her country and seemingly at the expense of much of her own happiness. There is no elected official I can think of who would do the same thing with such dignity.

      I think that these younger royals are doing nothing but good for the public opinion of the royals, they are only involved in minor scandals (Harry) and are unfailingly polite and photogenic. I am not sure I would always vote against a republic but I can’t imagine the powers that be coming up with a better model for leadership than the one we already have.

      PS. My English grandparents were proud of their lineage so I have a warm place in my heart for the monarchy. 🙂

  4. I really respect our current Gov. General, Quentin Bryce, but I still have bad memories of the one that got rid of Gough Whitlam so… I’d be happier without a governor general and all that entails. But I’d want our government to stay the way it is. Not too many republics around that I’d want us to emulate. So Happy Birthday little Prince, and lots of luck.

        • ha ha ha… me too acflory. I also reckon Gough describing Fraser as “Kerr’s cur…” was an absolute gem 🙂 Such a shame to read the spite, venom and falsehoods which are being spat out on some blogs around the world. Once they get it out of their systems they’ll “settle” and crawl back under their little rocks 😀 So lovely to read balanced debate/ discussion here and not all that nasty vitriol.

          • That “God save the Queen…..” line was just one of the all time best. I don’t think any pollie will ever come up with a sound bite as enduring as that no matter how hard they try! 😉

          • I think everyone’s mad on power. Well not everyone, but you know what I mean. Having the freedom to share our thoughts via a blog does not give any of us carte blanche to indulge every whim.

            Btw please call me Meeks!

    • I was four when that particular drama was in play and since then it seems as though the Gov Generals have pretty much kept their heads down so I have no real opinion of them. Well, apart from the fact that I can’t really see the need for someone whose position seems to be royal liaison (correct me if I’m wrong).

      Haven’t they ever heard of a phone? Surely if Her Maj needs to tell the PM something or visa versa they can pick up the phone in their own! 😉

      I’m with you on changing to a republic though, there are no models worth changing to. Changing for the sake of change is just ridiculous.

      • -giggles- The timezone differences might annoy her Majesty a bit. 😉 I totally agree about change for the sake of change. This systems works well for us so why ‘fix’ it?

        • Oh, I can see it now.

          “Kev, are you coming to bed?”

          “In a while Teresa, I’m just going to give Her Maj a call. She wouldn’t take it when I rang earlier, something about giving the corgis breakfast….”

          • lmao! Spot on. 🙂

            This reminded me of that ABC comedy about Julia Guillard. I wonder if they’ll do one for the Pixie?

  5. You say privilege, but I think it’s more of a sacrifice of a life. I am a supporter of the Queen and all the hard work she puts in over so many years. Her kids, not so much.

    And as American TV put it he’s the future King of England… Forgetting all the rest of the countries the way America likes to do. Although give it fifty years and you never know how things will look.

    • It might be a life of sacrifice but as third in line to the throne in such a long-lived family I am not sure show much time this new prince will actually get to spend as the king!

      There is no doubt that it will be a life of privilege as well though, a lot of common people spend their entire lives labouring for others without suitable comforts or recompense. (My personal favourite is Father Bob)

      I feel a little sorry for Prince Charles though. He was bought up in a time when the monarchy was expected to be more remote and now they are expected to have more of the common touch in order to appeal to the masses. Divorces, scandals…. no wonder his generation is not as popular as it could be.
      This younger generation seem to be balancing royalty and normality quite well though. As you said, it will be interesting to see where the monarchy is in fifty years.

      • I do think Prince Charles and his generation grew up in a changing age of media and, just like in the first series of Big Brother, they didn’t know how to handle it. Those generation aren’t too well thought of.

        Over here in the eighties they appeared on a royal version of a popular gameshow, ‘It’s a Knockout’ which should have seen them coming across more as “of the people” but it was a disaster which ended in Prince Edward mocking the Press who had been abandoned in a cold tent all day. Didn’t go well for him after that.

        You may have had it over there, I don’t know.

        It only got worse recently when it was uncovered (in strange circumstances) that the popular host, who used to be our local newsreader throughout my youth, was a major paedophile on the Jimmy Saville-scale for many decades. He’s 83 and only just got sent to jail for it all.

        • Oh dear, reality tv never made anyone look good did it? Mocking the press isn’t a good idea when you depend on their positive reporting either…

          What a different world it is now to live in the public eye. I doubt the current generation will be caught in that trap, although I can imagine it getting harder and harder to avoid being spied on or photographed in compromising situations for the next generation.

  6. It’s true that Kate will have more help than most new mom’s — but you’re right, every thing she does and says about her son will be BIG NEWS on an international scale. The reason Jackie Kennedy moved to NYC after her second husband died is that it was the one city where she was going to be able to live and raise her children in a close-to-normal environment. It’s true. A lot of the celebs hounded by the press in LA move to my neighborhood to be “normal.” So… Kate, William, little prince… you can always move to Manhattan. I’m sure there’s a spot in the park just waiting for you. I know some good babysitters, too. LOL (not me. I hate changing stinky diapers.)

    • Yep, even being a royal doesn’t mean your nappy smells any sweeter. 😀

      Being famous and pursued by the paps would be utterly dreadful, you could never have something as simple as a bad hair day without being diagnosed as ill or on the verge of a breakdown. I guess that the paps aren’t the only bad thing, I think if you live in high society that those around you might be ready to judge you quite harshly as well. Aargh! I think I will remain in my anonymous little life quite happily, no fame for me!

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