8 comments on “To distract you…..

  1. Love this song even though right about now it’s getting way too much airplay and quickly sinking to the depths of ‘songs I don’t want to hear for a long time’……

    • I don’t listen to commercial radio too much these days for that very reason! They take a good song and slowly destroy it. Sorry to hear this one is being consigned to the ‘Never Again’ basket for you… 😦

  2. Interesting that Jennifer says it’s getting too much airplay – I haven’t heard it but I only listen for an hour or so of a morning to MMM which doesn’t play much soft stuff. I have to admit I couldn’t listen for long as it’s too much like Damien Rice and James Blunt for me, which I overdid during an ‘interesting’ time in my life…

    I can see though where it is a beautiful song, and also that it would make a nice change from Briaqn Johnson AC DC.

    I hope you find something else to distract you from household chores today… and another on Friday, when it will be the weekend and you’ll have a great excuse for ignoring them until next week. My back is mostly recovered but oh dear, I think this weekend I’ll go easy on the housework, I wouldn’t want to risk it going out again 😉

    • It is a bit of a change from AC/DC, we have wide ranging tastes in music so I never know what we might hear next (if we can wrest radio control from Number 1). Although this ummm… whiny rock… isn’t really a staple we are happy to listen occasionally.

      Number 2 and I were in the car the other night and listening to the radio. A song came on that I thought he wouldn’t really want to hear but when I went to turn it down he stopped me telling me he liked it. By the end he was asking me to download it and put it on his ipod. A total surprise from the piano loving child as it was Volbeat, a Danish metal band!
      That night I downloaded the song he wanted (The Hangmans Body Count) and then unexpectedly found another version played on piano on a tribute album. Of course I downloaded that too and Number 2 was in heaven. Funny kid. 😀

      Sadly I wasn’t distracted from the chores today, it has been frighteningly windy, horrible for gardening but perfect for drying washing!
      You should definitely take it easy over the weekend only to save your back. No labour at all, maybe a gentle walk to a good eatery should be the extent of your efforts! Any excuse to slack off I say. 😀

  3. I really like the lyrics of this song, but his voice is a little irritating for my tastes. I find it is one of those earworm songs — and fortunately the lyrics are simple enough for my brain to remember them! (although maybe not in the right order!)

    • I did find his voice a bit annoying at the start but, like you, I really liked the lyrics. After hearing it a few times (probably a few too many!) it wore off. I did see him on Rockwiz one night and he sang it live, that was when I was moved to download it. Brainwashed!! 😉

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