14 comments on “It’ll get you in the end….

  1. lmao – oh this could be my theme song as well!!!!!! Love it. And commiserations, I’ve been trying to catch up on a bit of housework as well. And it sucks.

      • Well… I do have my little robomop. 😀 It’s still working just fine. Unfortunately it’s only really good for picking up dust and say a light sprinkling of pet hair.

        Believe me, once there’s a bot on the market that will vacuum my floors AND wash them I’ll be first in line to buy one. But I will save a place for you though. I’m nice like that. 😀

        • Aww, thanks. I bet that queue will be a very long one! I’m glad to hear robomop is still alive, I thought he might have met an untimely end by now…

          • The first toy robovac I tried didn’t last long. This one though, maybe because it is such a simple design, is still going strong. Love my toys when they work!

  2. Every day laundry doesn’t bother, or dishes but a backlog drives me nuts… I hope it is at least a nice day so you can get the washing dry, and get sidetracked wandering around the garden when hanging it out. I’m not doing much of anything today. Early this morning I leaned over to wipe up a puddle of water that had overflowed from the kettle on the kitchen bench, and put my back out. Having to do nothing at all is so much worse than having to do something, I’ve decided.

    • Ouch! Poor you, I hope that the cuppa you made from that spilled jug was magnificent, otherwise that back injury is made even worse. 😦
      Yes, the sun has been out but sadly its frozen rays are doing very little to dry any washing. I am easily sidetracked though and it takes very little to entice me into the garden.

      I hope you have a few good books within reach or there are a lot of good things on tv for you while you are laid up. I hope you feel better soon!

        • It doesn’t really take much encouragement for me to dump my housewifely responsibilities and find something more entertaining to do…. 😀

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