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  1. Great work on the cost of the tickets! Hope you enjoyed the movie, and hope that the Sheldon Group didn’t talk all the way through it. 🙂

    • No, they were very quiet fortunately. 🙂

      It is ridiculously expensive to go to the movies isn’t it? I was glad to get such an amount off!
      I couldn’t believe that the girl behind the counter needed prompting on the ticket situation. After all, I bet she has already sold hundreds of those discount deals so far these holidays. That particular cinema has a big neon sign out the front that only says ‘Rea’ too, the ‘dings cinema’ part has been unlit for months. Surely if they are charging us those prices (and likely paying minimum wage to the kids who work there) they could afford to get a man in to fix the bloody sign, or turn the working bit off so we don’t notice. Grumble grumble…

      • I didn’t realise that it was a legal requirement of parenthood that your child goes to the movies every holiday. 🙂 Now I understand why the movie days at our holiday programme are so popular. It is the cheaper option!

        If only that sign had kept its D. READ would at least be a positive advertising slogan, especially above a cinema!

        • Yes, it is a law that people rarely get punished for disobeying. After all, suffering through the moaning about not getting to go to that movie they wanted to see is probably punishment enough… 😉

          You are right, READ would definitely be a better message wouldn’t it?

  2. I just checked and sixty-two dollars is thirty-seven pounds… Wow that is a huge amount. Horrific amount for two adults and two kids. You didn’t say what the film was though, did you?

    • It is a frightening amount isn’t it. And they wonder why there is such a problem with pirating movies here in Aust. I am sure I could have got a dvd copy for five dollars before it was even on at the movies if I had bothered to try.
      I hate that though and never get them, but I totally see why people are tempted. Imagine if I had three or four kids! Eeek!
      We didn’t even buy a popcorn or drink ($5+ each), we went to a nearby shop, bought a big bag of lollies for $3 and smuggled them in. As did everyone else I saw walking in to a movie…

      (The film we saw was Epic. I expect that Despicable Me II is next on the viewing list)

      • I haven’t been to the cinema you see a film, partly because of the cost, for years… I forget what the last was. I guess I did blog about it here: http://frivolousmonsters.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/the-cinema-experience/

        I do go to see the theatre that is broadcast in live – usually from London – by the National Theatre though. That costs me £12.50 ($20.60), now I’ve eliminated and card charges, which I think is a lot more than a film ticket but you are paying for a lot more with satellite link-ups to a one-off showing, and so I can justify it to myself. I’ve also started seeing the similar Shakespeare from the Globe Theatre, which seem to be filmed as live, for a one-off screening for £10 ($16.48).

        And as for food, something which may make it into blog post one day (a sneak peak) is my experience the other day watching Twelfth Night:

        “On one of the cinema’s garish red settees, that in my imagination are the haunt of the cool hyperactive school kids of a Saturday night, I was sat quietly reading my book by the light of a glowing snooker table-sized advertisement for an awful-looking Smurf film and picking up tips on the two tests to carry out to ensure that the stash of cocaine you’re trying to buy from a South American dealer is pure. And all this whilst waiting to see Stephen Fry doing his Shakespeare. All culture is here.

        It was very good, but what was most notable about the first half were the flashbacks I was getting to an old episode of Columbo (Double Exposure, 1973) where the murderer inserted subliminal messages into the film to get his victim hot and bothered and drive them out into the foyer in need of a drink. Being someone who rarely buys anything from cinema confectionary stands I found myself rapidly moving from this firmly-held stance as the interval approached.

        I was soon confronting a plethora of unpriced drinks before thrusting a bottle of Lilt at a member of staff with the demand of “I don’t know how much this is, but I want to buy it”. Thankfully Vue Cinemas didn’t want to kill me: they just wanted to extract extortionate amounts of money, and they probably didn’t insert any subliminal images either as I think that in one of their few showings that actually had an interval they just turned the air conditioning off instead.”

        • Those live screenings sound like a good idea, I had never heard of them before until this trip when I saw the sign for one in the foyer. Of course it had CANCELLED plastered over it. I wonder if lack of interest due to ticket prices had anything to do with that?
          You wouldn’t have heard me complaining about the price if we were there to see Steven Fry doing Shakespeare. The kids might have been a different story though… 😉

          I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to find they were inserting subliminal message to make us spend money at their snack bar, the stench of popcorn that permeates the cinema would probably make a popcorn lover want more, and more, and more…. I don’t like popcorn so it makes me annoyed and my conspiracy theory brain wonders if they spray the furniture with the smell between shows. Surely the spilled kernels couldn’t create such an overwhelming odour on their own?!

          When I complained about the ticket price I failed to mention that it was only the plain movie. Not in 3D, not in the gold class theatre. If we wanted to join in the upper class viewing we may well have had to sell one of the children….

          • With Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen I see that they’re not showing in Australia yet. It is new though, so there’s time. I did get my money’s worth – apart from being fleeced for a drink – as I turned up for a start time of 7.30 pm and left at gone 11! Long, but enjoyable, and I have never seen Twelfth Night before and so was happy I was able to keep up with the plot. Once it got going it was a lot of fun. And Stephen Fry was fantastic! I would recommend if you’re slightly interested in that sort of thing.

            The NT Live shows top theatre, sometimes Shakespeare, and is showing in Australia. The next one (on the 20th of July – dates internationally may vary) comes from outside London, from somewhere down the road, as part of the Manchester Festival. Real tickets sold out in minutes as it’s Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth (with Alex Kingston) put on in a disused church.

            If you’re ever interested a list of cinemas can be found on here. I can’t remember if we worked out where it is you live other than the house with the very tall sunflowers…

            Regarding 3D: Over here we just got the news today that the BBC is ceasing their 3D TV wing and making no more programs. Hurrah I say. It is not the future of television in my mind and never has been.

    • Thank you! 😀
      It is not unusual to go to the pitchers and there be only one or two other groups there. Surely they cinema owners realise that cheaper tickets would result in more bums on seats? I know they have high expenses but, really?
      We are usually more likely to go and buy a new release DVD and get pizza for dinner. Having a night in for the same price and we get to keep the movie…

  3. Ah, if only I’d been there to hear the boys go “Nyah”, I’d still be laughing and they’d have thrown me out. Thanks for the reminder. So now you have a second mortgage to pay for the tickets will you be able to go again for the next few years? Mind you, it must have been entertaining teaching the receptionist reverse maths to get the reduction.
    I haven’t been to the cinema since it was lit by candles and they showed ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ and my ticket was about 2 shillings, which converts to 10pee ( rather than pence) and probably about half a cent if I converted again.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Ahh, but they were the days when two shillings was half your weekly wage, right? 😉
      We did have to take out a second mortgage for the night out, what, with the cost of tickets and petrol ($1.38 per litre). We all went out for dinner too and that was cheaper than the tickets! Now we will be spending the rest of the holiday at home reduced to bread and water… 😉

      Nyah! 😀

      • Heavens No. My first wage when I started work was about £5.00 a week. Just how old do you think I am? ( Don’t even think of answering that). I must have been on about £25-30 a week at that time and there were 20 shillings to the £ so prices weren’t too bad.
        I understand when you go for tickets now they just offer you share certificates. When you go to buy food and snacks they have canned laughter playing.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  4. I have tears in my eyes watching that clip 😀
    Telstra have a Hoyts deal going for $10 tickets but I’d guess there are conditions, not the least of having to go to a mega shopping complex to access a Hoyts. Movie prices are astronomical. I stand by our Quickflix deal… $5.99 and 2 DVDs delivered per month!
    But on the first recent rainy weekend it was the G.O.’s birthday and we were going stir crazy so we braved the weather and the local Dendy Cinema where we are members. The tickets were $26, and the refreshments $29.10… 2 glasses of wine, a packets of Twisties and a packet of Red Rock Deli chips… Usually we would visit the Franklins supermarket next door for the nibblies first but the damp weather must have soaked our brains. Luckily the packets were large and the snack was deemed the G.O.’s birthday dinner also.
    After all that I hope you all enjoyed the movie 🙂

    • Pleased to hear it amused you, we love Big Bang here, so good that it is a sitcom that the kids can watch and enjoy too.
      Not only did the kids do the NYAH!, Number 2 got up and did it in a few different rows before returning to his seat. Numer 1 and I were falling out of our seats laughing while the Man put on his ‘you are misbehaving in public’ face and tried to get us to stop with the power of a disapproving look (while stifling his own laughter)… 😀

      I expect that I could have got a better ticket deal if we had gone elsewhere but we were trying to get that particular movie at a time the Man could come too without it starting 9 at night.
      I think I would be less annoyed at the price of the tickets if the snack bar wasn’t so horrifyingly overpriced into the bargain. $29.10 for wine and chips? Gee, you would have been better off smuggling in a whole bottle of plonk and some takeaway! Why on earth do they charge so much? Don’t they realize we would go more often if it was more affordable?

      While I was typing here I did a quick search to see if I am moaning about something that is a worldwide whinge but it would appear that we are being totally ripped off here in Aust.
      I found this; http://www.killyourdarlingsjournal.com/2012/05/two-adults-and-a-movie-admission-prices-in-australia-france-and-the-us/ where she compares the prices of movies in Australia, the US and France. Apparently France pays 70% of what we do, and the US 51%. The column was written in 2012 but I have no reason to believe things have changed in the meantime.

      • I read either that post, or similar… yes, the ridiculous cost of movie tickets in Australia is simply wallet gouging. We don’t go to the movies as much as we used to – home is so much more convenient (especaiialy so many movis are 2 hours + in duration) and kind to the budget but I miss how it uses to be a special thing to do in the good ol’ days… yada yada… The cinema companies will be sorry when in droves we take a stance… then they’ll drop the prices. I will not be bought!

        • Going to the movies used to be an exciting event didn’t it. Now we only go for the kids, I would rather not go at all. It is such a rip off and the cinemas are always littered with crushed popcorn that stinks the place up. Home is much nicer, and the movies pauses when someone needs to go to the loo! 😀

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  6. -giggles- I don’t know which was funnier – the Big Bang clip or your checkout chick. I think you may just have convinced me to give Big Bang a try. 😀 Nyah!

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