25 comments on “Music Wars. Round 2.

    • 😀 Yup. In my role as Supreme Leader I do make instant rulings like “Whoever touches that radio won’t get a turn again today” so I don’t have to be vigilant, just vengeful. 😀

      • My own personal experience in child-rearing has been that arbitrary vengence goes much further in terms of instilling peace and order than measured vigilance. You’ve got to keep them on their toes. 😉

        • I agree, words are nothing unless they really believe you will carry out those threats. Of course there are times I have been known to finish a “please don’t do that” with a deep voiced “Or I’ll Destroy You” followed by an evil “mwah ha ha” and a theatrically shaken fist. They know I’m not likely to actually destroy them, but just in case….. 😀

  1. I have loved these guys ever since you first introduced me to them! And as much as I love the cello, piano will always be my first love. This guy is so very, very, very, very GOOD! Not only is he a remarkable pianist, he is a great composer! Okay, I’ll stop gushing now. Just tell No.2 I love his taste in music.

    Hmm… wait, I really like AC/DC too…:(

    • They are brilliant aren’t they, we enjoy listening to them as much as we love watching them. I love the bit where he is playing with his elbow in this song.

      Number 2 loves the cello but, like you, piano is far and away his favourite. He has fallen in love with a digital piano that we are hoping to get for him soon, it sounds much better than the keyboard he has been using so far, hopefully it will inspire him even more. 😀

      • I haven’t played a digital piano but I’m sure it will sound better than a keyboard!

        We’ve got a smallish grand piano [a present from my late Mum] so if No.2 ever wants to try it out you’re both welcome to come over. Just let me get it tuned up first! The Daughter and I haven’t played it in about 3 years. Poor thing is going to waste.

        • Thank you. 😀 Number 2 would love a piano but we don’t have the space! The digital pianos are amazing, they feel like a real piano with weighted keys and a proper sound. And I don’t need to put an extension on the house to fit one in! 😀

          • Wow, I had no idea the technology had progressed that much. And yes, something like that would take up a lot less room!

          • Oh, they are fantastic. It is like having a real piano (you press gently they play quietly, you play with force the sound reacts accordingly) but with all the gizmos that a keyboard has too. They can still be expensive, but nowhere like the price of a good piano.

            Number 2 has a real affection for pianos though, I have a very funny photo of him in a small town museum walking down an aisle of old pianos etc. He has his hands over his eyes and a stricken look, he was desperate to have a go but because of age they were barely held together, one touch would probably have ruined them. He would never have forgiven himself if he hurt one, when he sees them blown up on telly he is genuinely upset!

          • He’s going to be a musician Metan, or maybe a piano maker. There’s a guy in Newcastle [can’t remember his name] who is world famous for building concert grand pianos.

            A passion for creating music can take many forms. Who knows where No. 2 will end up but it will have something to do with music, I’m sure.

          • He actually wants to be a jeweller too! One of his music teachers was convinced he would be a songwriter, so who knows where he will end up. 😀

    • Actually the ipods and the radio they connect to are mine which means I have Ultimate Control (read that bit in a big booming voice) over what really gets played. I allow them access but when I get sick of their stuff I am quick to regain control. The kids don’t mind my music, only the Man’s tastes are a problem! 😀

  2. Now, that was more like it!! If I am really, really, really good, can I play the piano as beautifully as he can in my next life? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to be able to do?

    • And he clearly gets so much pleasure out of playing too, it is just fantastic. I can’t even plunk out something that vaguely resembles a tune, clearly all the talent is concentrated in certain people. (that is my exuse for being completely talentless) 😉

      • So where does their talent come from?

        We are not a very musical family, so we were completely blown away when my nephew started to show a real talent for music. He would sit at family dinners composing scores. He went on to the VCA and is now very involved in creating, playing and conducting. We are still not sure why it blossomed in him, but love that it did.

        • Apparently the Man’s mum was a very accomplished violinist in her youth. I guess her talent jumped a generation!
          I say apparently because we never get to hear her play, despite the kids nagging her at every opportunity. She is very dismissive of her ability and calls it ‘just a bit of fiddling’. She says she has forgotten how but the boys just roll their eyes and say “Nannyyyyyy… You can’t ever forget something like that!”

          I love that your nephew was composing scores at the dinner table. What a great way of getting out of eating properly! How on earth could you say “put that down and get on with eating!” When he is doing something so wonderful. 😀 I am not sure why Number 2 especially is so musically inclined but like you, we just love to see it in him. 😀

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