16 comments on “Back In Black. Over. And over. And over.

    • Ah, no. The little ratbag is nothing if not persistent. It is better to divert him rather than say no, and anyway, we paid a lot of money for that electric guitar (and drum kit) and the lessons, with any luck he will absorb the music and learn a bit faster! 😉

  1. ha ha ha…that sure brought back some memories re: both the behaviour of my children and myself at about the same age and/ or stage of development.
    My mum objected to my boyfriend “of choice” and so I delighted in taking myself up to the “top room” and playing “My Guy by Mary Wells” very loudly and continuously. Of course your No 1 son’s present fixation is not “pay back” to you 🙂 … or is it? 😉

    • 😀 I can hardly complain about his behaviour as I’m sure I did the same thing to my parents! I think my sister and I watched Video Hits every Saturday morning, jumping around the loungeroom and playing our tapes in our rooms all at full blast. Not what our mum and dad were into, that’s for sure.

      No, I’m sure that Number 1’s fixation is not any kind of revenge, I think it is just his way of channeling his desire to be a rock god. It seems he spends the time with his very young music teacher dabbling in all the best guitar riffs. A few months ago it was repetitive Deep Purple! 😀

      • ah… beautiful!!! My Grandchild No 4 just received, on his 8th birthday, his ‘heart’s delight” drum kit and sure has “it” in his heart and soul… Negotiations with the next-door-neighbours resulted in an agreed to curfew 😀 Thanks for putting “a smile on m’ dial” Metan.

        • We are very lucky, the neighbours are too far away for his drums or guitar to be more than a background noise. We waited until he had been doing lessons for some time before he got either of them though, if he was just belting away for noises sake I think he would have a curfew too…. Hmmmm…. Only playing between the hours of 4 and 4.15 every third Thursday perhaps? 😀

          It is great when they find a love like that isn’t it? Number 2 has the rock and roll attitude and hopes to be a famous musician one day, his love is classical piano…. What a combination. 😀

  2. That’s rough. Over and over and over again. I do the same thing, but it’s on my iPod so it’s just my ears hearing it. 🙂

    • I’m the same, I get onto a new song or album and the poor old iPod must go crazy playing the same thing for days! I certainly wouldn’t inflict it on the rest of the family like Number 1 is… Well, maybe for just one day.. 😉

    • Our sons also have eclectic music tastes. As much as they love the new stuff and things like Skrillex (we don’t mind it either) they like the old things like Boney M and ACDC… Amongst others.

    • It is no secret that I love Aussie rock (I’m sure you know that!) and I am definitely happy to let my inner bogan run free when it comes to AC/DC. 😀

  3. I love turning the radio or whatever music playing device I’m using up loud, so it makes me laugh that Number 1 son does it too. The G.O.’s tinnitus means he’s no lover of loud music but if he’s at work, outside or in the shower then I play it loud, and even louder for favourite songs. I was humming Back In Black most of my busy day yesterday, and dedicated it to my attire – office black. Although I went to a couple of Brian Johnson era ACDC concerts I’m no lover of it, and my collection is entirely Bon. However as far as Number 1 son’s guitar playing is concerned Angus is a great [musical] role model 🙂

    • I’m as guilty as anyone of turning the radio up to unreasonable levels. The Man doesn’t mind it loud but, as you know, has questionable musical taste so the rest of us are tortured when he gets hold of the radio. I’m glad that Back in Black kept you entertained for the day though. 🙂

      I doubt that Number 1 will ever get on the stage and go crazy like Angus, the only time he has willingly performed in front of a crowd has been behind the protection of a drum kit, but I can hope! 😀

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