10 comments on “Lazy today.

    • Fortunately the boys are pretty self sufficient so I will get peaceful sleep ins every morning. If previous holidays are any indication (and I’m lucky) I will get a cuppa and maybe breakfast in bed at times too! Yay for holidays! 😀

  1. Ah, our inspiration for another wet Saturday… the G.O. said “well that about just wraps my day up” as he ventures as about as far as he will go, onto the balcony with coffee and e-cig 🙂 He even owns the same “pants” as Leonard Nimoy but they are in the wash and he’s had to settle for trackie dacks. I am at least properly dressed in flannie, old jeans & uggies.
    I hope your weekend is equally lazy but better weather 🙂

    • We are having a lovely sunny Saturday here, freezing though. We all spent the morning in our pjs until we decided we should do something constructive and drove (rather than rode our bikes) to the bakery at Warby and had cuppas and cakes and a wander through the junk shop. All in all a well spent day of slackness!

      The Man also owns a collection of those dreadful pants, good for the motorbike and cold days at work but utterly horrifying to behold. 😉

    • Seeing Leonard Nimoy in such a comic way was hilarious and kept me laughing all afternoon, those fast-draw Vulcan hands and William Shatner on every channel cracked me up. 😀
      Have a great weekend!

      • -giggles- I know! After all those years of poker-faced Spock it’s amazing to see him so animated. Loved him as Spock and love him as a grumpy old man!

  2. What a great treat for early on Saturday morning (yes, I’m that far behind you in time zones). I loved the Shatner clips and Leonard Nimoy has always been my favorite! Maybe I should make this the theme of my weekend?

    • Oh, definitely theme worthy. I doubt you will be wandering grumpily to the shops in some tatty old unmentionables though! 😀

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