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  1. Is Kevin Rudd a Monarchist or a Republican? I seem to remember that Julia was for ousting The Queen and leaving the Commonwealth but I have enough problems keeping up with our Political Parties never mind yours. Still, from the sounds of it you might have the opposition in power soon if the sound bites catch on.
    xxx Multi Hugs xxx

    • I think Kevin supports a republic, Tony Abbot is a Monarchist. It seems as though a referendum on becoming a republic only becomes an issue when they want to distract us from something else. We had one years ago but, as you can see, it failed.

      Really, discussions on changing our head of state should be something that is addressed when they have managed to get more important things like education, aged care, mental health, disability care etc etc etc under control. Otherwise I think it is just a waste of time and money!

      Hugs to you too. 😀

  2. Not since Howard and Peacock back in the 80s have we had such shenanigans! I’ve just ocme in from being out all day and as I don’t have a telly I’d not have known if not for your post – must get onto the ABC and see what it’s all about. Really, when will they remember they’re there for us, not for their own little power trips – off with their heads, I say 🙂

    • Shenanigans is the perfect word for it.
      I am glad I could keep you up to date, they must have been planning this for ages. Julia seemed very confident early in the evening, all the way until a very subdued Bill Shorten came out and said he (and of course his followers) would support Rudd, that was when it seemed it was really on.
      Can you imagine the evil cackle of glee that will be coming from Kevin’s secret lair later tonight?

      Speaking of the Howard era, if only there was a currently serving member with the same ability to dish out inventive insults as Paul Keating, this spill would have been far more entertaining then! (“All tip and no iceberg”, one of my favourites.) 😀

      Off with their heads indeed, at least we could start with a clean slate.

      • I’ve been reading about manoeuvrings by Bill Shorten – who seems to be the top contender for next leader – but he can’t step in now, and take over a poisoned chalice … !

        Oh for another Keating – then thing’s ‘d hot up a bit 🙂

        • I guess after seeing Kevin restored to the top job after all the terrible things said about him a few years ago the party forgiving Shorten at some time in the future isn’t out of the question at all. When it was all happening Bill Shorten looked quite stricken. I guess it wasn’t an easy thing for him to do and I suppose there are a few others whose friendships with Julia have been damaged beyond repair.

          Penny Wong is another who will be feeling the pinch of her change of allegiance, she got a huge and unnecessarily shouty spray from an opposition senator today for her ‘betrayal of the sisterhood’. Oh if only they were more inventive rather than they were loud.

  3. It’s a tragedy… and history will show the role the Murdoch Media played in de-stabilising a democratically elected Government and how Australia’s difficulty, at this point in time, with accepting women in positions of power played into this whole sad scenario.

    • It astounds me that they think a person who was deemed so unsuitable to lead that he needed to be unceremoniously dumped such a short time ago can be reinstated to lead them to victory now.

      Kevin played all of his recent media opportunities to the hilt didn’t he, and that smug smile whenever someone in the street shouted out “We’d vote for you Kevin!” just infuriated me. What are we in for if they win the election? Oh, if only there was a legitimate third option!

      I don’t think it was Australia’s difficulty as a whole in accepting a female leader, I think it was (mainly) the male politicians themselves not being able to deal with a female on a higher rung of the power tree than they themselves had managed to reach.

  4. Not happy Jan… Politics and Media in Australia were bad enough but just when I thought they couldn’t sink to further depths… and the Blues were beaten at Origin… so I had to listen to endless conspiracy theories from the G.O. On the upside, Julia can now get on with her knitting and her life, and I will too since I made remedial changes to my Facebook settings to limit the amount of posts I see from some whose political commentary is endless, and I am staying off SMH and away from the TV news. If anything interesting happens can you let me know 🙂

    • 😀 I think it all over now, they can’t possibly have anything more interesting to inflict upon us than the events of last night. All we are going to hear now is Tony and his cronies bagging Kevin over and over until the election. What am I saying! They aren’t ever going to stop, even if they win.
      I wonder how quickly Kevin will revert back to the nightmare of old?

      hmmm… Andrew Denton retired from tv yesterday, perhaps his not inconsiderable talents and wonderful wit could be well used in the political forum! He could start his own party and recycle an old name, the Enough Rope party. 😀

      • Maybe that’s AD’s secret agenda, but as I commented to a friend who thought to start an IRE Party – Integrity, Respect and Equality – lacking currently, the problem is it seems pollies no matter what their good intentions, eventually catch the same fleas… and I like her the way she is now. Same same for anyone whose former life is outside the poltical arena – the independents are jumping like rats off the proverbial sinking ship. Come to think of it…

        • Glub glub glub… sinking ship alright….
          You’re right, new meat is infected with spin fairly quickly and become very different from the person who they were before they entered that rarefied arena. We might be in trouble if Clive Palmer gets in mightn’t we! 😉
          I turned on News24 to see the opening volleys between smug Kevin and shouty Tony and all it was was much of the same, different faces same whining. 😦

  5. Ouch, I guess I’m the only one happy after yesterday’s drama. Please don’t shoot me but I really do like the Pixie. Long term though I’m pinning my hopes on Penny Wong. Now if she became PM we would end up in the book of records as electing the first openly gay AND ethnic AND female to the top job. 🙂

    • Well, I was going to be equally happy no matter which one ended up with the top job, I dislike them both! That isn’t to say I like Tony any better, I disliked the way Julia toppled an elected official three years ago and was never going to warm to her again.
      After that didn’t we just know Kevin was going to wreak his revenge in some way, and, here we are! I am surprised he managed to keep a lid on his glee so successfully after the vote.
      If only he had used his powers for good rather than evil!

      I am really annoyed that politics is becoming nothing more than a popularity contest, I doubt I will even recognise the names of the pollies who will be on the local ballot paper as they’ve kept such a low profile, it has all been about Tony, Julia and Kevin for so long! Grrrrrrr….

      • You’re so right. Those three have dominated absolutely everything for far too long. I can’t say I’ll miss Peter Garrett either. I think Angry Anderson should throw his beanie in the ring. 😀

        • I feel a bit sorry for Peter Garrett, I doubt his political experience was what he was expecting. I’m sure he went into it with huge plans to do good but he never had a hope after the pink batts scandal did he?
          We really need a steady hand for a change, one without the need to make dramas out of everything and blame others. One who can say “this is the problem, and this is how we will fix it.”

          No matter your opinion of Howard’s politics, he was a statesman. I shudder to think of Rudd or Abbott representing us overseas. Surely there is someone out there who is worthy of our votes!

          • For my money there’s only one – Penny Wong, but I don’t think either Labor or the country is quite ready for her yet.

          • Penny Wong will only be seen as Julia’s offsider for a while yet. She is going to need to create an identity separate from Kevin’s too, otherwise she’ll never get anywhere.
            I wonder what we will be saying about Kevin2.0 in 12 months time?

          • Honestly? I don’t think K.Rudd will still be around in 12 months time if Abbott wins the election. And you’re right about Penny wong. But hopefully after all this blood letting she’ll be seen as the voice of reason… one day.

          • I am watching News24 right now and Julie Bishop is putting on a dramatic performance to an adoring crowd…. Next up is Tony, heaven help us all. 😦

  6. Another insightful and interesting post, I only heard about it an hour befor eit all want down.
    Interesting times ahead. I say hurry up with the election and get someone running the country.

  7. I take from this that you view her positively. I couldn’t be sure what your countrymen’s general view is – she has just been ousted – but she comes across as a decent person over here. However the first female leader is very memorable but I know from experience that Margaret Thatcher is much more thought well of by people in America than people who had to live through her in the north of England.

    I do have to say that there’s not been very good Aussie PR of late on the world stage what with all the sexist stick she had to take from other MPs, then the homophobic comments about her fiancé, and the goings on with the state of the Australian cricket team and the drunken fighting antics of your David Warner! I’m thinking it’s the men that are the problem!

    • Actually, I dislike them all equally! I don’t have any positive thoughts about Julia, and her replacement (Kevin) was the reason she was so becoming so unpopular, he was doing his sneaky best to make himself look good at her expense, all from afar.
      The opposition is equally unattractive so our next election (much like the last) is a vote for the one you hate least, not the best one for the job.
      Julia was popular at the start, after all, she was following someone who was very unlikeable so it wasn’t too hard, but in time she did some unpopular things and made some hard decisions. Unfortunately, that is what we all notice and if you have rats in the ranks that is something quite difficult to rise above when you need to.

      I think you are right, the men (in power) are a big problem! I found myself very annoyed this evening when listening to the news though. People were commenting that what happened to Julia was terrible and rude and that she had been treated so badly because she was a woman. I wondered where they were three years ago when she did much the same thing to Kevin! Nobody said poor Kevin, they only did it because he’s a man… He got the arse because he was unpopular, so surely she knew this was coming for her, after all, she set the precedent! (We all saw it coming a mile away)

      Dump the lot of ’em! There are a few out there who seem to be in it for the good of the country, I wish they were the ones at the top.

    • Our system is very different from yours and although we hear news items about your politics we have no idea what is really going on with you, apart from having pity for you with your horrifyingly long lead-ups to elections that is! 😉
      We have compulsory voting here so they don’t have to win us over and convince us to get out to the booth on the day, a captive audience so to speak. I think we just resent them for that and one of the biggest problems they have is the donkey vote, where the ballot properly is marked incorrectly, often intentionally!

  8. It would be most pleasant if peeps would stop with this “Politics of Personality” nonsense and talk about specific gripes re: the Legislative reforms which are the Hallmarks of the Gillard govt… The latest passed today, amidst all the “shenanigans”, i.e. the Crackdown on the 457 Visa?
    Are you folks pleased that businesses now HAVE to advertise for skilled Australian workers before bringing in workers from overseas? … or is that a load of crap, waste of space, nonsense coming from the useless pollies? hmmm…

    • I think that what we hate is that all we hear about from the media is their personal issues and their constant personal attacks on each other.
      I was watching the coverage this afternoon and the passing of the 457 visa crackdown came across the bottom of the screen as if it was an aside. We were hearing more of their bickering (Kevin’s “lets all try and be kind to each other” won’t last long) and that the moving vans had already arrived at The Lodge rather than the fact that actual government business was still going on.

      Unless we actually enjoy politics and put in an effort to follow it we are only living from sound bite to sound bite. We can’t make the media change their focus from the way the pollies treat each other. The way they spin everything they say it is no wonder most of us can’t be bothered sifting through all the dross to get to the real issues.

      I listen to ABC talkback (mornings) and whenever they get a politician on to discuss the issues of the day rarely anything of substance is actually said. How do they expect to engage the populace if those chances to communicate with us are squandered by talking in circles, even infuriating the DJ? Of course then we will only know what we have been fed by the nightly news.

      • So, do you think that cracking down on the abuse of the 457 visas by the Govt was good or bad?
        … and what about their scrapping of a school funding model which disadvantaged huge numbers of our children (state schools, catholic schools, independent schools, re: a quality education?
        …and negotiating the difficult task of returning more water to save the River Murray (something that’s never been able to be achieved for 100years) ?
        …and a Disability Insurance Scheme which will ensure that any of us/ our loved ones/ dear friends who may find themselves severely disabled will have access to the treatment/ support required to lead a dignified life with some degree of comfort.

        Please refer to my former comment, in this thread, re: the media’s role in de-stabilising a democratically elected government being the way this matter will be recorded in history.

        The joy of the Internet is that we’re no longer reliant upon the MSM (mainstream media) and I’m happy to provide a whole list of Independent sources which will give a balanced view of all matters, not just the political agenda. It’s fascinating, informative and enables one to “sort out the wheat from the chaff” when taking up our, often undervalued right to choose our Government, which many people devoted their lives to achieving. Cheers…

        • I think the 457 reform is a good thing, although recently hearing about employers who claim they had advertised for specialised workers (welders!) and had no response here makes me wonder how it will be policed.

          I am interested to know the real reason behind some states dragging their feet on the Gonsky funding but am still annoyed at the letter inserted into our school newsletters recently (seemingly) by the govt asking for our support yet written in such immature language it could have been addressed to the children.

          I did a post about efforts to return water to the Murray back in 2011, and a recent post ended in discussion about the disability scheme, where we commented on the positives as Meeks and I both have friends whose families or children will directly benefit from some much needed help.

          The media is guilty of portraying the pollies as if they are on an entertainment channel rather than the leaders of our country, although the politicians do themselves no favours in the way they handle themselves when given a mainstream platform though, do they?

          There are times when people devalue their right to choose government, but there are times when the choice we are given is barely a choice at all! 🙂

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