14 comments on “Ballinakill Merman (the comic version). 1937

  1. Too much poteen I think. I wonder if someone will do a Irish spin off Pirates of the Carribean 4 – filmed with similar merman, singing Irish sea shanties instead of mermaids siren songs.

    • That would be great, Pirates of the Ballinakill…. 😀
      Hmmm who would star though? Oh, Dylan Moran!!! The pirate who just told everyone to F*** off. 😀

      Of course this would have to be on the soundtrack for the obligatory chase sequence (it has been used for so many!). 😉

  2. I can’t read the words on the cartoon so I don’t know if it’s a misprint but the Irish word is Spalpeen.
    Definition of SPALPEEN

    chiefly Irish
    : rascal
    Origin of SPALPEEN

    Irish spailpín seasonal laborer, rascal
    First Known Use: 1767
    Not the easiest of words to spit out ( unless you’re Irish I suppose) so I don’t blame someone mis-hearing it.
    xxx Hugs xxx

    • Thank you. No it wasn’t a misprint, I typed it incorrectly not once, but twice! Once when I put it in the post and again when I searched the meaning. I wonder if the place I got the salpeen meaning from mistyped spalpeen too? I’m off to fix the post now. 😀

    • I pulled out my giant slang dictionary and it says the same, that spalpeen is a low fellow, a mean one; a scamp or rascal. A casual farm labourer, a youngster, especially a boy.

      I love that book, there is always something new to find. On that very page (while looking up spalpeen) I found the definition of Spandau is ‘generic for the latrines at Ruhleben internment camp 1914-18’ which brings to mind a whole new (and far smellier) vision when I think of the 80’s band Spandau Ballet!

      • Ah so a spalpeen would be a farm laborer. An Itinerant worker. 🙂

        Does that slang dictionary of yours have any of the modern stuff in it? I seem to spend half my life asking the Daughter to explain some ‘in’ thing.

        • No, I am afraid this dictionary is just old slang.
          I expect that by the time an ‘in’ term has made its way into a dictionary it has already been replaced by something else!
          My advice, Google everything. If you do it quickly enough the Daughter won’t even know you had no idea she was talking about mere minutes ago! 😉

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