17 comments on “Three string magic.

    • We have been out digging and chopping branches and hauling sleepers all day… I’d be glad if it wasn’t me too! 😀
      Hope you have a good weekend as well.

  1. You’ve put a smile on the G.O.’s face, and he’s tapping his feet… no work Saturday, too rainy 🙂
    Mine too – Seasick Steve is awesome.

      • You have no idea how much Seasick Steve added to the quality of our day. It rained all day, and as of now, midday Sunday we haven’t ventured out further than our balcony (since Friday 6pm). We’re hoping to wander out, up to the shops later to buy, yes you guessed it Seasick Steve CDs, and maybe see a movie. I hope you had a better weekend with your gardening endeavours 🙂

      • Success! We now have 2 x Seasick Steve CDs – all there was at Hum in Newtown, as they are quite popular and sell quickly – Hubcap Music, and Best of, which I had to copy to the laptop last night so the G.O. could nab the CDs to put in his ute… 🙂

        • I’m so pleased that you liked him that much! And even more pleased that it made a rainy weekend better (and that an actual record store got a sale rather than lost out to yet another download… )

          Now I can imagine the G.O. cruising down the road singing at the top of his voice, driving right past the site and going round the block until the song ends…. 😉

          • We don’t do downloads. We buy real CDs, I copy them to the laptop, and bluetooth the music to our phones. I play CDs at home just because I can.
            The laptop we take to TA if we’re going for a long break (crappy internet coverage there, so no Spotify) and set it on random when there’s no music from a live band at the pub wafting up the hill.
            We commented on Sunday, that Fish in Newtown is gone, eaten up by the Dendy cinema renovations and only Hum remains. I’d hate to see it go, so next time we’re there we’ll check it out for some more Seasick Steve.
            The G.O. usually listens to 2GO am radio, aka the old farts’ station, so anything would be an improvement!

          • I would like to say that we buy cds too but that is not a regular occurrence. With kids who like a song they hear on the radio or Number 1 wanting a song he is learning in his guitar lessons (all AC/DC at the moment so yay) I have a very diverse collection on my computer!

            We love our ipods here and it is often a battle as to who gets to put on their playlist. The Man has questionable musical taste at times so it is always good when he loses the battle… 😉

            Good luck finding some more Seasick Steve cds on your next shopping trip. 🙂

            (re the internet coverage. I got one of those new black Telstra 4g modem thingos a while ago and it is doing really well. If I can’t get it to connect here at home I go for a drive down the road until I get connection then come home. The interwebs follow me back! Once it connects it stays connected even if it won’t originally work here.)

          • Ooh, I have that sort of modem… next time we are at TA with the laptop I’m going to drive to up the hill just outside the village, and try that!

            The G.O. and I have a core of music taste commonality. We differ in that the G.O. likes C&W… especially Slim Dusty (I think The Man is not alone in questionable musical tastes) and I like music from every decade inc. modern stuff like Stereophonics, Pearl Jam, Black Keys… which is just too loud for his tinnitus impaired hearing, and back in the day tastes 😉

          • It took me a while before I realised that would work but now I will go to the town and hang my hand out of the car window, connect, and bring the interwebs home of an evening when it won’t connect by itself. We aren’t that far from the zone where it works well, only a few hundred metres I think, but Aaaarrgghh! when it won’t work!

            I did suggest to the Man that a flagpole with a waterproof box on it would help, we could get it going then run it up the pole in the box for better speed! 😀 Funnily enough he just rolled his eyes at me, I wonder why… 😉

            The Man and I have mainly similar tastes too but while his has stalled I still like new stuff. He just grumps at it all and I tell him he is getting old. Fortunately he is not a huge fan of C&W but some of his other stuff just makes my brain hurt…

  2. I liked the first one you posted but I really loved this one! That guitar is so familiar. I just can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of. Anyway I love. 🙂 Btw I’m out in the garden shovelling too. Perfect day for it.

    • It is a perfect day for shovelling, mores the pity! 😉 It is also a perfect day for a stroll through a market followed by a cuppa and a cake. Curse that dirt!!
      I’m pleased you liked this one too. 😀

      • I took Mogi for a walk after laying some agi pipe [the flexible black plastic kind] so I got a stroll of sorts. I might think about cake tomorrow. Haven’t been down to the woodfired bakehouse on the Yarra in ages, and they make some delicious cakes. Maybe I could use Mogi as an excuse for a stroll down the riverbank followed by some sweet indulgence. 🙂

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