28 comments on “Frozen vegies.

  1. You have a real talent for this ‘up close and personal’ stuff with insects and now with veg too. I wonder if the boys and their father ever sit still long enough for you to fill the house with family portraits..

    • Thank you. 😀 I can’t really take too much credit, my camera is better at it than I am, all I have to do islet in the right spot and hold it still enough to let it do its job. 🙂

    • I feel for you, ours didn’t have insulation until a few years ago when we spent a small fortune and got the roof done with the woolly kind (with 2 asthma-y residents we thought it was better then the synthetic type). It was worth every cent, now even the bathroom stays warm! Well, warm-ish anyway. 😉

      • I’d love to get our done, but not sure how to approach it with renting. If we could afford it I’d just get it done. And you gotta have a warmish bathroom. 🙂 the sun is shining and and the temp has risen enough to feel alive.

        • Renting does make it hard to get things like that done. 😦 Yes, a warmer bathroom makes a huge difference. We used to keep that end of the house shut so it wouldn’t suck the heat out of the loungeroom, now we don’t have to. That means I don’t have to shout “shut that door!” A hundred times a day. 😀
          We are getting beautiful sun at the moment too, hopefully it stays around for the weekend!

    • The only problem is that by the time the light is good enough it is starting to burn off! If only we could just stop the world at that perfect point so we could get enough photos before it is gone.

    • Glad you liked it, the poor veg garden is on a go-slow at the moment, I think it is too cold for it to do well. I don’t mind it limping along even though I would love it to be booming!

      • Yeah mine is hibernating too. The garlic is still growing, but slowly. Probably not such a bad thing because my vegie patch badly needs some weeding, feeding and mulching but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

        My current must-do project is to dig a drainage channel next to the fish pond. When we get a really heavy downpour all this silt and stuff washes into the pond and I’m terrified it’ll kill off the fishies and tadpoles. I’ll post a pic of the word in progress… soon.

        • Ooh yes, save the taddies! And your fishy friends of course. 🙂
          I always find this kind of cold sunny weather makes me want to go out there and plant and dig but there is no point!

          I think some of my veg beds need serious feeding, a few of them are pretty much pure pig poo and straw so they shouldn’t need too much for a while, but this makes me think I am letting the other ones down! Once everything needs changing I will have to get some fertilizer for them.

          I have decided to dig out one of my old and dreadfully ratty herb beds and put some of that new soil that is still hiding from the rain under a tarp in the driveway in it. I ordered some tea plants from the Diggers the other day so I am going to see if I can grow some of my own tea leaves!

          • My vegie bed is wonderfully hardy but I’m getting the guilts now too. Maybe on Sunday I’ll start the weeding. Hate weeding though, which is why everything is still looking so unloved.

            Tea plants? As in real tea? Wow. Will you have to dry the leaves or something once you get a crop?

          • I know what you mean about the weeding and such a beautiful weekend is hard to waste on such mundanities! The only reason I do it is because the veg are right next to the chooks, I pull them up and throw them in to be ravaged. There is far more enjoyment out of that rather than just pulling them and having to get rid of them myself.

            Yep, real tea. They were only ten bucks each so I thought it was worth getting a few. The bed is round and in the middle of the lawn over an old septic, and currently full of old herbs that need pulling out.
            The tea is hedge-like and only grows to 1m so I figure the worst that can happen is that we end up with a ball of hedge which will still look better than it is now!

            Hopefully it actually tastes like proper tea and I can drink my own brew. You use the fresh tips, so keeping them trimmed is supposed to make them produce even more.

          • The only thing I know about the tea plant is images we’ve all seen of incredibly lush, green hillsides in Sri Lanka [I almost said Ceylon, oops]. If you hedge tea works I might try it myself. I love edibles that look wonderful too.

          • I’ll keep you posted, although it might be some time before they actually do anything (apart from the extraordinarily long delivery time from Diggers).
            I like having a garden full of edibles too, and in my minds eye there will be a nicely sculpted ball of tea shrubs on the lawn. That is probably the only place it will exist like that though… 😉

          • lmao – yes, my garden is lovely – in my mind’s eye as well. Such a pity everyone else just sees weeds, grass and alpaca poop. 😉

          • If only one of those makeover tv show crews turned up on the doorstep with a huge budget and a team of workers, I think that is the only way our gardens would ever look like our imaginations see them.

          • Meh… I’m not so sure about that. I do love watching those makeover shows but most of the time the finished ‘garden’ looks more like a lounge room with some green in it than a real garden. Or maybe it’s just me. I really don’t like gardens that are too neat. My ideal would be something like a jungle – but without the creepy crawlies.

          • On no, I don’t want anything other than the workers and the budget! If they turned up they would be doing it MY WAY, none of this half-assed prettiness that so many of them turn out to be.
            Of course, if they wanted to turn the back hill into that piece of wonderfulness that won the Chelsea Flower Show I would allow that. 😀

  2. Brrrr alright! That you have anything growing mid winter in your vege garden is amazing. Hopefully the low temps will have the same effect on the veges as they do oranges and bring out the best. Awesome pic 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 actually the thing that seems to be coping the best with the cold is, unsurprisingly, the carrots. Everything else seems to be growing in slow motion.
      I wandered past the community garden in Warburton the other day and they were all having cuppas sitting in their deckchairs amongst plants that were huge and lush and green. Totally unfair! Ok, so they probably have beautiful soil and actually know what they are doing but still, humbug to them! 😉

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