15 comments on “A Foggy Day. 1924.

  1. That’s an interesting-looking station. Apart from the colouring I wouldn’t be surprised to find such a building over here. As for the old picture… Fog or over-exposure?

    • Flinders Street is one of my favourite buildings ever. I think since it is increasingly surrounded by more modern constructions it is becoming even more of an icon.
      I think it really is fog, the station is right by the Yarra river, there would be no shortage of cold rolling in from there to help make a foggy morning. 🙂

  2. “When I were a boy” is how an advert for Hovis brown bread used to start. It tells how everything was different. Well , when I was a boy it was. I can remember peasoupers so thick my words wouldn’t penetrate. I also remember Winters with snow in December, so thick I’d never make it to school and Summers where the long holidays of July and August suffered very little rain to spoil playing out.
    Then, as AC Flory would have you believe, the dinosaurs started dying out and things began to change. Now I occasionally see a light sea mist come in, see snow in March and April and Summer is a day sometime in May or June. I wonder if we used up all the fog so there was none left for future generations.?

    • Ahh, when you were a boy tales… 🙂 my dad had heaps of them, I expect that dinosaurs were an issue for him as well.
      Your British weather sounded quite interesting, especially the peasoupers. I remember walking to school on days so cold there would regularly be ice in the puddles, something we don’t really see today.
      Perhaps you are right and we did use it all up back then. Hmmm… Maybe it is all being saved up for some kind of Revenge Of The Planet scenario where it is all dumped on us in one go. No such thing as climate change, there will just be a carefully planned purge of humans from the earth and then the planet will just start again with bacteria, ready for Humans2.0. (Or maybe 3.0, or 5.0…… 😉 )

  3. You are getting the fog we had earlier in June… but it’s chilly here this week during these days leading up to the winter solstice, and dark early in the mornings and afternoons. Foggy is nice if you have the appropriate warming comforting accoutrements.
    I think not suburban but urban… I love Flinders Street Station… it’s so Mlebourne 🙂

    • I remember hearing about of your foggy days a while ago, I love the fog, as long as I am suitably attired of course!
      I think urban as well, although I actually pasted that quote directly from their website so I didn’t mistype it. Strange though, how much closer would you have to be to the geographic centre of the city to be urban?! 😀
      Flinders Street station is just so wonderful, if only they saved all the old buildings in Melbourne rather than modernising, so many treasures lost. 😦

  4. Wow…you can barely see the faintest outline of the station! This pic was a true find Metan. Isn’t it odd that so many years later, carriages for hire are once again trotting past the station? I saw three as I was leaving the station a few months ago. I know they’re for the tourists but each time I see one I want to go for a ride. 🙂

    • I always have the same feeling too, I just want to go for a spin around the block, going back in time to hear the clop clop clop while going up Flinders Street. All the cars might ruin the illusion though…

        • One BIG problem with that… Myki. The only way we can get to the city is to drive as I have no idea how to catch public transport anymore! (I don’t think we are the only ones….)

          It would be a great idea though. If only they had carparks on the outskirts and free shuttles to the main parts people would probably be happy for it to happen all the time. As it is now it would take us all day to get there and all day to get back, no time for wandering! Way faster to drive with the new(-ish) not-so-Freeway too.
          There is little encouragement to go on public trans, I doubt the cost of parking could be anymore than the fares are now anyway. 😦

          • Meh… I’d forgotten about Myki. I actually had to get one a couple of months ago and I only managed thanks to the help of multiple people at the train station, in and out, and again on the trams. I know people who use it all the time probably do it automatically now but for me it was nerve wracking.

            Last time I had to go into the City for an appointment I took the car. 😦

          • We rarely go to the city, I wish we went more often but with the terrible parking and stupid myki it is like they don’t really want people to go!

    • Thank you! 😀
      Summer seems very far away at the moment even though there is a beautiful clear blue sky outside. It might look like summer but there is no mistaking the ice in the air! Of course our winters don’t compare to the snowy ones you have over there but still, it is really cold for us… Brrrrrr….

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