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  1. That’s one of the best apps I’ve seen.
    One other good one is coloursplash which lets you take a photo, convert it to black and white and then bring back colour just where you want- a bunch of flower s in a bride’s hand or the tie of the groom. That app is great fun.

  2. Love the photo AND the plaque! By the way, your chicken having a Tonka reminded me of something. When our Peke was little he had a Tonka truck hooked up to a Barbie horse trailed (cool mix, huh? 🙂 ). He would get a little ride around in it now and then and he enjoyed every second of it.

    • And the poor Tonka Truck just hung its head in shame… 😉

      Dogs love having a ride in something, don’t they? The Man used to ride his motorbike with a guy who never went anywhere without his tiny dog perched on the tank of his Harley. 😀

  3. I love it. I’m so getting this one, you may see some new pictures from me soon. -) the sign is so cool. Who are we o judge why hey want to cross the road?

      • I hope it works for you. It should be ok on the ipad, that is where I am using it. When the family got together on the weekend my sister took a b&w photo of our Dad using it and it just looked fantastic, a bit like a very arty drawing. 😀

  4. I love photo editing apps… they can turn a bad or ordinary photo into a work of art. Miss Brown looks delightful… I could see her as the star of a children’s book 🙂
    I thought we were going to be seeing a pic of your messy coffee table!

    • I was tempted to post the bad table, but I wouldn’t really want to inflict that on anyone. Actually, the messy table has been banished forever…. I picked up a new coffee table on Saturday, one of those heavily-varnished single pieces of redgum that has been shaped into a table. I saw it in the local junk shop and got her to put it aside for me until I could scrape up the bucks! Now the family have been banned from piling up their crap onto it so I can see the beautiful wood. No hot drinks without a coaster either!!

      Photo apps can really bring out your creativity, can’t they? I don’t really like it when people overly edit their pictures, if it needs massive editing it probably wasn’t a great picture in the first place, but I love it when you can take a picture that you know isn’t much, add a bit of filter hocus pocus, and change it completely. 😀

      • Ooohh, the new coffee table sounds lovely 🙂 I’d suggest no anything without a coaster – I have a ring on my timber kitchen table from a visitor’s Jim Beam & Cola can 😦

        • Thanks for the hint, I think I might turn into the coaster Nazi. We were also guilty of putting our feet up on the old table, a definite no-no now! It is quite hard to get out of the habit though I can tell you!

          I fell in love with the table when I saw it in the shop, I went to visit it regularly until I wangled the Man to see it and he fell in love with it as well, I paid the deposit on the spot! The flat part of the table is the side of the trunk and the leg is a sawn off branch, too wide to wrap my arms around. It was so heavy that getting it out of the back of the ute, across the grass and up the steps just about killed us!

  5. lmao – thanks Metan! By a strange coincidence the sun came out just as I started reading this post. I LOVE that cartoon chicken pic. It really does lift an ordinary subject into something quite unusual. And the Tonka truck is a stroke of genius. Am I right in thinking the boys contributed that idea?

    • Actually, the truck was all my idea. 🙂
      When the boys were small we had two of them and we used to load them up with a piece of firewood (for speed) and launch them down the steepest part of the back hill to crash violently at the bottom. The Man got sick of seeing this battered one hanging around the garden and chucked it on the hard rubbish. The kids went up and rescued it and hid it under the house. Now it belongs to the chickies and he isn’t allowed to touch it. 😀

      I’m glad you liked the photo, chickens are the perfect subject for cartooning aren’t they?

      • lmao! ‘We’ used to “launch them down the steepest part of the back hill to crash violently at the bottom”?

        No wonder you have such happy boys. 🙂 And yes, the chickens do make great subjects. But how about Jack? I’d bet she’d make a great subject too… if you could get her to stay still long enough.

        • Before the introduction of the blocks of firewood the trucks trundled slowly down the slope and slowed on the flat, a large tuft of grass would stop them. No fun at all! The firewood ensured that they pelted down the hill, a previously obstructing tuft of grass sending them careening out of control. The tumbling trajectory sometimes caused their load to beat them to the bottom. That is how truck racing should be!! 😀

          It is quite difficult to get a good picture of Jack, as soon as she sees you looking at her she comes over to see what you are doing! Lots of close-up noses, but nothing good with this app so far…. 🙂

          • lmao – I’m not sure what’s funnier – the thought of you cheering as that truck went airborne or an image of a big doggy nose with a little doggy behind it. 😀

          • It would probably be the vision of me hauling the piece of firewood out from the spider-filled bush it landed in! 😀 eek!

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