7 comments on “Just waiting….

    • Imagine the pictures people could come up with using that one. Your pre-existing misery amped up x 1000 and then preserved for posterity. It might be a tool for disaster rather than making anyone feel happy with their creativity….

      As I said, I have more photo apps than I could possibly need but last night after I posted this I downloaded another one that I am now completely in love with, Toon Camera. It photographs the world in high quality cartoon. That meant I spent the evening taking photos of the mundanities, a glass of water, a messy coffee table, my mobile phone… because the world looked so much better in cartoon than it did for real!

  1. Waiting waiting… the story of my life sequel to “I started out with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left”… Yep… reality is over-rated, and being stuck without a book rates as a catastrophe… If you have a smartphone download Kindle onto it and load a couple of spare books. I’m reading Lord David’s More Barsetshire Diary on mine 🙂

    • Even more pathetically I had a pile of reading material on my iPad but they are all heavy books I have to concentrate on and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to settle in with one! My iTunes account was down to 90c and the free books were all romance! Bleh…. “I started out with nothing….” Yep, the theme really fits. 😉

  2. Well it’s Friday now, and the waiting continues. 😦 I managed to get outside for ten minutes before the rain started again. The alpacas are miserable, the dog is bored and the cats are just asleep. I wish I had that cartoon app right now so I could take a picture of them. 😉

    • I ended up in my horrible dags out in the rain cleaning the chook house, I didn’t think there was any point waiting for the day to improve… The chooks all stood right in the doorway waiting for me to stop waving the shovel about and let them back in to the dry. When it cleared a little I did go out and take a few photos of them with the cartoon app just because of you! Hmmm… perhaps that should be todays post! 😀

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