25 comments on “The Star Wars that I used to know.

  1. Just what I needed going into a pre long weekend Friday afternoon 🙂 We’re off too, up to TA for a 4 day weekend. Enjoy yours, hope the weather is good.

    • You are very lucky to have a permanent holiday haven to escape to, enjoy the weekend!
      Do some relaxing for me too please, I have a few metres of soil getting delivered in the morning, relaxing is NOT going to be the order of the day! 😀

      • Holiday? Hmmm. No. Haven? Hmmm… I go along with escape… there will be cleaning, gardening and maintenance but it will be a change of scenery and space, and the fire will be lit 🙂
        More soil? More garden? 🙂

        • If it is as cold up there as it is down here your fire will definitely need to be lit! Brrrr…..
          If not a haven then long weekend escape still sounds pretty good.

          More soil for the latest veg plot on the hill. Now I am facing the saga of having 2m of soil delivered to the front yard and having to haul it up the driveway, through the backyard and a short way up the hill to top off the metal veg garden on the terrace I spent two days digging out on the hill. While I am dragging up the thousandth barrowload I will just keep telling myself tomatoes lettuce tomatoes capsicum…. 😀

          • Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know was on the radio this morning when I was walking… and there I was humming along with the Star Wars version… and it’s still in my head…
            The fire was a hit, and I enjoyed attacking the garden, and then planting some hopefully hardy herbs I bought at the markets 🙂

          • Glad you had a good time at TA, a spot of gardening and then putting your feet up in front of the fire sounds like a very productive and happy weekend to me. 🙂
            (Any version of that song really gets in your head, doesn’t it!)

  2. Brilliant video clip. Thanks Metan. I suppose I shouldn’t say this but I didn’t know it was a long weekend until you told me. -sigh- Have a good one ladies and gent. 😉

  3. Very good. I do dread how they will milk it from now on. I only hope it’ll be better than the last three, with less cgi, and some story we didn’t know was going to happen. I don’t live in hope though.

    • We [the Daughter and I] just stopped watching the Star Wars soap opera full stop. I have nothing against CGI when it’s done properly but all the prequels seem to be aimed at an audience of small children or teens. 😦

    • I’m really hoping for something new with the next round too. We took the kids to the cinema last year when episode 1 was showing just so they could see it on the big screen. I nearly fell asleep, something I have never done at the movies before, and something I’m sure would never happen if they showed the original ones.
      The kids have been addicted to the animated series, The Clone Wars. New characters, exciting stories, everything the second three movies weren’t. So addicted in fact, that when one of the major characters left at the end Number 2 son was so upset he vowed never to watch it again. (His vow didn’t last long, he was glued the next time it was on but I think that was in the hopes she’d be back).

      • I was hoping for something new, a new saga, and then they signed up old Harrison Ford, old Carrie Fisher, and old Mark Hamill. Now I have nothing against any of them, but my good will has been used up with the last cash-in trilogy.

        A problem I have is that Lucas sanctioned a series of novels set after Return of the Jedi that features those characters, and their kids, and how (SPOILERS) the Emperor didn’t really REALLY die… And recalling someone telling me all that I’m losing the will again if that’s what the new films are going to be.

        In one of these novels set after Star Wars, I am told, Luke and Leia get it together… This was before the revelation that they’re brother and sister which came as a bit of a shock to the writer.

        I also believe that a whole lap was trimmed out of the Phantom Menace in that race. Think of that: even longer! In a race you know, before he starts, that he has to win.

        I think Lucas (and Hollywood generally) abuses CGI and we want more men in suits. If you can see there isn’t a man in there, you know it’s not real.

        • I agree, the dependence of films on CGI is getting out of hand and I hate the bits when they have completely shifted about a scene, using it to replace a live action performance. WE WANT ACTORS!

          I am happy for Han, Luke and Leia to get a gig on the new movies, but surely they can’t star in them. I am hoping their parts are just ‘tip of the hat’ kinds of roles rather than too much make-up and body doubles for the more rigorous scenes.
          Ewwww! on Luke and Leia getting together. That storyline will never get a run in these politically correct times. (Just as well!) I still think of the storyline where Anakin and Padme got together would have been far better if he was older when they first met. In the movie he is a small boy and she doesn’t age at all over the years while he catches up, then appears to be the same age as her when they get married (and don’t get me started on the ‘we have space travel but can’t tell if a woman is having twins’ thread).
          I think they need to get someone who is a fan to write the next movies rather than a studio writer instructed to make money or a person who thinks they can ‘improve’ it. The story didn’t need improving, it just needed to evolve.

  4. This is GREAT! As someone who almost threw my popcorn at the screen during the first of the NEW trilogy of backstory BS, I wondered what happened to the Star Wars that I used to know…

    • Hopefully the new movies are made in a completely different vein, but….. I think we had better buy extra popcorn for the cinema when they come out. 😉

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