47 comments on “I didn’t do it. 1897.

    • It would have had to have been a very realistic dog wouldn’t it? I can imagine a boy in the dark being fooled for a short time, but not for the entire night.
      I think any self respecting boy would have utilized the apples from the tree and dropped a few on the dog in the hopes of scaring it off!

    • The only thing I could think of that would actually be successful in deceiving a young boy would be a real taxidermy dog and, as you said, who on earth has one of them lying abround the house!

  1. It made me smile. I wonder whether the decedents of the boy are still telling the family of the time Great-grandpa Tom spent the night up the tree after being chased by a (stuffed) dog.

    • Either that or the boy went home and never told a soul about the embarrassment of sleeping in a tree because of a stuffed toy! 😀

      • Hmm… I know my dad would have loved telling the story — as an adult, maybe not as a boy. But you are right, many would be too embarrassed.

    • It is a silly story isn’t it. 😀
      (I think that if we can grow bananas in Victoria they can grow apples in Qld though.)

        • Apparently so. They have them at the nursery (I even saw them at Bunnings the other day) and a friend up the road has one in her garden. I am not sure that they grow as vigorously as they do in the warmer north but still, they grow. If only I had better soil I would be able to tell you how well they go from personal experience! 🙂

          • I’d love to know how growers down here protect them from frost. Might have to do a bit of searching. 🙂

          • I know they regrow each season as each plant only gives one bunch of hands then dies off before re-sprouting. Maybe they are quite small when there is frost so they would be easy to protect?

          • Maybe, but I’m wondering how you would get the bananas to ripen. Maybe a very protected north facing spot? And lots of water.

          • About the bananas…..I remember Tino on Gardening Australia planting one at the Bot Gardens in Hobart. He planted it next to a brick wall to get the radiant heat. I think he put hessian around it too. Did it survive and/or fruit? I don’t know. The GA site might tell you more. Can we all have a slice of banana bread from your home grown ones?

          • I don’t have enough good soil or any warm walls to plant any against, otherwise I would definitely plant a few. Hopefully Meeks has the space and we can garden vicariously through her!

          • Mmmm… I happen to have a great recipe for banana bread. 🙂

            I have a north facing wall but it’s pretty exposed as we’re on a ridge. When the wind comes through it’s pretty fierce. I think I might just have to buy the bananas.

            If I can stop the possums from eating all the fruit on my other trees I’ll make you something. Upside down peach cake?

          • Mmmmm… Sounds delicious! 😀
            At least bananas are still cheap, paying $16 a kg for them was extremely painful. 😦

          • Unfortunately for me the first time it happened was when Number 2 was very small, not always well, and only eating a few food items. Of course bananas were high on that list! Aaarrggh! 😀

          • Tell me about it! He was on half a banana a day rations for a while and not happy about it either….

          • lol – I’m sorry that just made me laugh. Most kids have to be tied down to eat fruit. It really is fantastic when they like something that is actually good for them.

          • It IS funny! At the time his favourite things were bananas and yoghurt!
            Even now we call him the apple monster, he eats as many apples in a day as we will let him, even choosing them over junk food.

            They are like health food kids, it makes me sick! can’t remember the last time they had McDonald’s, we go to the food court and they choose chicken or tuna hand rolls from the Asian shop over anything else! It is hard when they are setting a better example than we are. 😉

          • Oh I love those handrolls! Tell your kids they have great taste. 😀 And give yourself a pat on the back. In fact, make it two. 😀

          • I might have to make it half a pat… I pay for the kids hand rolls but…. YUCK! I know they are healthy but I can’t stand the taste. 😀

          • Upside down peach cake? Yummmmm. Now all I have to do is invent a way of getting cake down those tiny little cables of the internet…….

          • Yeah, I’m struggling with that as well. What we really need is a transporter like what they have on Star Trek. That way I could send you some cake hot from the oven!

          • Right! You’ve just inspired me. I’ll make a simple soup and the cake tomorrow. I haven’t made the cake in a while so let me make sure the recipe is okay and I’ll post it the day after. 😉

          • Yum! I’ll be looking forward to it, it is definitely soup and cake weather at the moment… Brrrrrr!

          • Amen. Very chilly this morning. My valley is shrouded in mist [lol always wanted to say that] and yet the sun is so bright if looks as if it should be warm. My favourite kind of weather. 🙂

          • I love this kind of weather too, been out in the garden for the whole three day weekend. If only my veg garden would grow as well in winter as it did in summer I would be happy for the weather to be like this forever!
            I am not sure if it has been misty in the mornings, we’ve been sleeping in every morning! Ahhhh… Bliss…

          • You’re right, if only things would grow better in this cold I’d be happy like this all year round as well. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a GrandDad story to me… don’t go stealing those apples boy… do girls ever steal apples? The G.O. of course has an apple stealing story that involves being on the receiving end of a gun loaded with rocksalt fired in the direction of his rapidly departing butt!

    • Hee hee, I bet the G.O. still gets a twinge in his butt when he tells that story!
      I bet girls wanted to steal apples too but those 1800’s dresses would have made it a bit more difficult, either that or girls were better at stealing them and only the boys got caught!

    • Glad to hear it! I did think it sounded like something a plundered tree owner would like to be true rather than an actual event though… 😉

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