26 comments on “The Piano Guys- Mission Impossible.

  1. I just love seeing talented musicians having a good time – I think it comes across in the music! Plus the MI theme is one of my favourite instrumental pieces. Just brilliant.

  2. Love the Piano Guys, especially this video clip! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. They just get better and better and better. FIVE STARS for posting this Metan. And a big thank you as well. 🙂

    • So glad you liked it! I did think of you when I found it. I was laughing my head off too, especially when he runs around the corner with his cello and folding chair and falls over just before he gets through the door. 😀

      • lmao – yes that was priceless! I’m so glad they left it in. From what I’ve read of their setup, the guys who produce their videos are just as talented as they are – and it shows. 😀 This one is even better than the Star Wars one, or the Pachabel Wedding one.

        • It is so good to see this kind of thing. Number 2 loves classical music (strange for a weapon-loving ten year old boy) and watching these clips really inspires him.

          • lol – well this particular has musical instruments as weapons! What more could a boy ask for. 😉

            Speaking of, I’ve never seen instruments like those. They really did look high tech didn’t they?

          • A normal cello and violin look lovely in wood but they look VERY cool as electric versions don’t they. It makes me want to learn to play right now! 😀

          • Very cool indeed. I’m not sure my Dad would have approved of an electric violin but I certainly do. Now if only I could play one. lol. My talent stretches as far as a few pieces on the piano and no further. 😦

          • I know what you mean. If only I had bothered paying attention when I had guitar lessons as a kid! They were so boring though, no wonder I wasn’t inspired.
            The kids both have music lessons and their teachers are fantastic, keeping them interested with something new each week.
            Number 2 has been going through a selection of AC/DC guitar riffs with his teacher lately, each time he comes home excited with a new one I can’t possibly regret paying so much money for the lessons! 😀

          • AC/DC? Wow, if music teachers had taught us to play the music /we/ liked the country would be full of amateur musicians by now. I did not get to play any of the music I wanted to play until I finally stopped piano lessons. I know those awful studies were designed to teach specific techniques but…. boring, so boring.

            I’m so glad your boys love what they’re learning. It makes all the difference.

          • Not only AC/DC, Deep Purple, Green Day etc etc…. all the good riffs! They should teach love of music first rather than technique shouldn’t they.
            Number 2’s teacher started trying to teach him to read music but once she realised it was affecting his enjoyment and that he could play by ear she just let him be happy knowing that it will come in time. As a result he loves his lessons so much that when the teacher was sick last week he sat at the showroom keyboards while Number 1 was in his lesson and practiced the whole time anyway. 😀

  3. This so funny! The bloopers too. Somehow I can’t see Cinnamon toting a violin, or Rollin a cello AND a folding chair.

    Only recently have I become aware of this group. They do marvelous renditions.

  4. I’ve never seen this before… I loved it. I watched it at something past 5 pm while waiting for info to enable me send out emails that would mean other people would be working even later and over the weekeend, and for mine to begin… I felt like taking off hy headphones and playing it out loud 🙂

    • I expect they would have wanted you home early if you had started dancing madly about the office. 😀
      I’m pleased that your Friday night was made a little better by it though.

  5. I hadn’t come across them either — and will definitely watch some more. I especially loved the out takes at the end. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. Is their music as entertaining without the film clips? It would certainly have a fabulous energy.

    • It is great to see people enjoying themselves so much. Their music is great with or without the videos but the videos make it funny as well and then when I hear the music I can see the silliness in my mind! 😀
      The kids love their Cello Wars clip, I have done a post with that one before.

      • I will look at that one.

        BYTW I thought of you and your family the other day. You know how you can get those decals for cars that depict your family? They are all the rage. I saw a variation on it that was Star Wars characters, sort of cartoon version. I remember that the baby was an Ewok. It was pretty cute.

        • 😀 I saw one of them the other day too! Ahh, Star Wars, who would have thought it would still be as popular (if not more popular) all these years later?!

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