25 comments on “Everest conquered!

  1. Did you know that The Times (of London) bought the rights to this story in advance and so to protect their scoop they sent a reporter with them who then had to send the story back to the UK, via various stations, where other unscrupulous reporters could be listening in, and so they whole story was written in code. The best part about this is the they had the codenames “Tomahawk” or “Penzance” in case they encountered the Abominable Snowman!

    • I didn’t know that, athough how much better would the story had been if there HAD been a yeti encounter along the way! 😀 They certainly might have got up there (or down) faster!

      • I only heard/read that in the past week and just spent an annoying hour trying to find where I’d heard/read it to give the right code words. Turns out I must’ve just heard it on the radio as it turned up in a programme on Sunday that I don’t record and listen to later.

        • I hate that, when some gem of information lodges in your brain and you can’t work out where you picked it up to find out more. 😀
          Well done for remembering it though, I often remember those things days later when the chance to use it has long passed! Aargh!

          • I didn’t remember the details. I eventually found someone talking about the story on twitter, referncing Radio 4, on the date for Sunday, and some hash-tag that I was eventually able to track to some programme. Just had to listen to it again to find out those two words! Yes, annoying when there’s something you remember and can’t track back.

          • I agree! Thats some impressive searching. Although not knowing would have annoyed me until I did find out. Isn’t the interweb great for us obsessive fact checkers! 😀

          • Hey, on another blog I read on here the girl who writes it, Roxy I guess, just dropped a BOMBSHELL the other day when she casually let slip that one of the Himalayan climbers sixty years ago was her grandfather!

            And thus she just got invited to a royal event, to meet the Queen, accompanying her grandmother.

            I told her about the Yeti story and asked her for the inside gossip. No news as yet.


            (I’m not sure how this replying works and hope this gets to Anneb54 too)

          • Wow! That is certainly something you wouldn’t expect to be invited to. If I had that kind of connection I would be dying for the chance to /casually/ drop that fact into a conversation! 😀

          • You say that – and commenting on this thread has become difficult as I haven’t even been told there’s a reply for the past couple, and so I need to stop – but I have a friend who, after quite a few years, just dropped into conversation that she’s a descendant of the captain of the Titanic! It blew my mind. My first thought was genuinely: “But how can you be… he died!”

            So she doesn’t dine out on that. Still blows my mind. I am assuming that the Titanic story has currency over there. I say this as there was a news clip recently from America where the Costa Concordia cruise disaster was described as being: “Like a real life Titanic”. America has fallen…

          • Real. Life. Titanic. hmmmmm…. Fallen indeed.
            I think to be on a show like that they are contractually required to make a huge drama out of the slightest thing aren’t they.
            There was a big boat and it didn’t arrive at its destination. They are the only things that I can think of that these two incidents have in common. I realised the other day that the Costa Concordia is still there, lying in the water. We think of things like that as being fixed pretty quickly don’t we? Too bad for the poor people who live there and used to enjoy their previously scenic view.

            Someone admitting to being a descendant of the captain of the titanic is certainly something that most people would be surprised to hear I’m sure. Not too easy to bring up in conversation though, I expect most people would have the same reaction you did, I bet you would get sick of explaining to people after the first few years and just keep it to yourself!

            (I expect that it isn’t showing replies to you as it thinks we are both replying to a comment from me as that is the last one with a reply button at the bottom.)

    • It certainly is. The difference between the equipment used today and what they used back then would probably make modern day climbers cry! 🙂

    • Don’t think I am Everest material either. I have just had a pile of gravel delivered to the driveway, some of which needs to be moved the huge distance of about 70 metres and hauled a short way up the hill in the backyard. Can you tell how enthusiastic I am about doing that by the way I am doing this instead. 😀

      I have heard about the damp weather you guys have been having, are the views from your office spectacular as the fog lifts or is the view just fog fog fog….

        • There are plenty of dishes that need to be done here too, hmmmmm… Trove is looking better and better every minute!

          To add an extra facet of annoyance the wheelbarrow has a flat tyre. I can pump it up but it goes flat after a few laps of the garden. The annoyance levels rise and it becomes even less likely that it will be done in a hurry… 😀

  2. Happy Anniversary Mt Everest! I saw something about this on ABC TV last night and the thing that floored me was that there are now permanent ladders in place, well, at least one. I have no wish to see anyone die in the attempt but… it does make the achievement of Hillary and Tensing Norkay even more awe inspiring.

    • It certainly is awe inspiring, and each year the Himalayas get a little bit higher so if I climbed it today I would be climbing slightly further than Hillary and Norgay did! 😀

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