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  1. I think I heard the Jaws writer denounce his book and the film for the fear of sharks it’s since caused as he’s had a complete change of heart. If it wasn’t him – and some shark wildlife person instead – the sentiments remain the same.

    Also I heard what may have been the same person tell of when they were fling above the sea and could see the water clearly from their angle and were horrified to see a group of sharks swimming towards a group of surfers who were sat dangling their feet in the water. They couldn’t see what was coming and there was nothing the observer could do. The sharks went straight for them… gave their feet a sniff, and went on their way. The surfers never even knew.

    The message is that sharks are not as dangerous as some people have been led to believe.

    Jaws writer, Peter Benchley, as found on Wikipedia:

    “In the years following publication, Benchley began to feel responsible for the negative attitudes against sharks that he felt his novel created. He became an ardent ocean conservationist. In an article for the National Geographic published in 2000, Benchley writes “considering the knowledge accumulated about sharks in the last 25 years, I couldn’t possibly write Jaws today … not in good conscience anyway. Back then, it was generally accepted that great whites were anthropophagus (they ate people) by choice. Now we know that almost every attack on a human is an accident: The shark mistakes the human for its normal prey.””

    • I think it is quite amazing the way that movies really captured the imagination of the world. There are any amount of other movies about giant critters eating people but none of them have actually imprinted like this one has

      I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I know it is ridiculous. I also think that believing sharks actually go out of their way to eat people is giving them too much credit. They like to eat and if we are in their way and they are hungry we will be eaten, it is nothing personal and if they don’t feel hungry they won’t bite off a leg for the sake of it.

      I hate hearing that a shark has been hunted after an attack. We aren’t teaching tall of sharkdom a lesson by getting rid of the one who killed a human and how can they even be sure the one they kill is the right one? We need to accept that the ocean isn’t our native environment, it is theirs, and that if we want to swim we have to share.

    • Those measurements are frightening aren’t they? I feel a bit sad that these sharks were caught, imagine the age of a shark that size, and imagine what it has been through to survive that long. Along comes a fisherman and kills it just because they happened to stumble across it.

      I wonder if sharks that size were a regular occurrence in earlier years, I know we are depleting the ocean’s fish stocks more and more so I can only I imagine that it is less likely a shark will reach that size now. As much as a giant shark is my worst nightmare it is truly sad that there might not be any more of them out there.

  2. It’s not the sharks in the sea that bother me… it’s the two legged sharks on land who cause the most damage, especially those in workplaces who like to hunt in packs.

    • I completely agree, humans are the most vicious and terrible of all the creatures on earth. 😦 (we are also capable of the most wonderful things too aren’t we, what a combination….)

  3. Regarding the 1837 incidence—drat those orcas are at it again.

    36 feet is awful! Can you imagine going swimming and meeting up with something like that? A human could be a sardine in comparison (hyperbole).

    • And probably more yummy than a sardine too, after all we are full of the good stuff, chocolate, potato chips, biscuits (cookies) and more chocolate. 😀

  4. Your shark tales got me thinking seriously… something I generally try to avoid… humans hunt and eat sharks, and anything else you can serve on a plate or in newspaper wrapping, so what’s unfair with them hunting and killing us… it seems every time a shark attacks and/or kills a human who is in the water, shark habitat, there’s a bunch of heroes who want to eradicate the threat… I’m going to invoke the good old Aussie “I’m right jack” and say, I don’t go too far too often into the sharks’ living room, and they don’t some into mine, not that given the size of them and my tiny apartment, they’d fit, and although I’m sorry when there is a human attacked, that’s just the way it is. Generally people who spend a lot of time in the ocean do so understanding the risks. Maybe not so much the sharks.

    • I have always said that the ocean is the sharks big wet dinner plate and that we need to learn that it is their place, not ours. They don’t eat us for fun. I really feel for those who are attacked but taking pointless revenge on the next shark people come across in that area won’t stop the next shark attack and just makes me annoyed. Humans have taken over every corner of the dry bits of earth and think they can control what goes on in the depths of the ocean too! Grrrr… Pity we can’t just be aware of what might happen, swim if we want, and accept that there are dangers we can’t control.

  5. My clients, the National Shark Society have asked me to inform you of pending suit for continually defaming their sweet natured character during this last week . You have it seems been the cause in a huge reduction in their usual variety of meals since dog and human are no longer on the menu. Please contact your lawyer and tell him to be prepared for a court battle.

    • How very dare you sir! I almost spat out my mouthful of succulent flake dinner when I read this! I was not intending to defame those sharks who are sweet and good natured,it is only the others I was targeting, the ones with tummies full of people and puppy….. 😉

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