24 comments on “Shark vs people. 1950.

  1. I am so delighted to have found this blog. I am also delighted that the shark said, “Shit.” I have always suspected that sharks swear like sailors. Ooh, or maybe it’s the other way around.

    • Sailors learning from sharks? I had never thought of that! Late at night, out on the deck for your watch and all you can hear are profanities rising from the depths. 😀

      I really couldn’t think of a more appropriate word than that coming out of a shark finding itself in such a predicament, I have to admit that it is my go-to word when things go pear shaped….

  2. I love your thoughts on what may have been said by each party. What was the shark thinking in leaping into the boat, or was he meant to leap Over the boat, or maybe over but catching a fisherman on the way.
    And why is it when we swear we mention the air turning blue???

    • I too wondered what was going through the sharks mind as it formulated its plan. “Mate, there’s a huge turtle just floating on its back over there, I’m going to jump on and scare the crap out of it.” Then all his friends heard was “aaargh aaargh aarrggh!” and never saw him again. They were never going to eat turtle for as long as they lived. 😀

      I am not sure of the origin of ‘turn the air blue’ so I am going to take a stab and say that blue is a term used to refer to the navy for hundreds of years, maybe ‘turn the air blue’ is slang for swear like a sailor?

  3. Okay, that was very clever. I was so busy laughing I forgot to be terrified at the idea of an 8′ shark leaping into a boat to get at the people…. If I have nightmares tonight you’re in trouble Missy!

    • Pleased that my imaginary shark conversations made you laugh, I’m with you though, the thought of a flying shark is more than I want to consider…. 400lb is a lot of flake at the local fisho though! 😀 yum!

  4. Pleased that my imaginary shark conversations made you laugh, I’m with you though, the thought of a flying shark is more than I want to consider…. 400lb is a lot of flake at the local fisho though!

  5. The 3 sailors look SO cheery AFTER the event. Apparently a shark’s sight is quite poor. If this shark didn’t mean to jump in the boat, it definitely suggests this, and also they may have poor distance judgement, as I think sharks jumping in boats has happened quite a few times. I think everyone & thing in the boat said WTF?

    • I can’t quite believe how cheery they look. Had it been me I wouldn’t have been able to get back on dry land quickly enough!
      I have heard of marine creatures jumping into boats before so you are right, it isn’t too unusual. I think that when animals jump into boats it is probably when they are unexpectedly surprised. Thinking back, shortly after Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray a man in the US was zipping along in his boat when a stingray jumped out of the water, piercing him in the heart in almost exactly the same way.
      Luckily, he didn’t yank out the barb, and survived.
      I suppose that if a creature is dozing near the surface and suddenly a boat wakes them up there is a good chance that they will shoot to the surface. If they are REALLY afraid they might go further than they intend!

  6. I doubt very much the shark would have recommended the friendliness of the natives or recommended the place for holidays if it had got home to it’s mates.
    If those three were out fishing in their dinghy, I wonder what bait they were using to make the fish commit suicide in their boat?

    • Hmmmm… Hadn’t thought of what horrible thing they might have been dangling overboard to make a shark throw itself out of the water. Really, it would have to be a jingling poodle wouldn’t it!? 😉

    • I wonder if it initially landed across the boat? I am sure the people were quick to get as far away as possible, not too easy in such a small space. You could hardly jump overboard either, after all, a shark just came up out of the water, was he just one of a group lurking waiting down there for dinner to be delivered!? 😉

  7. And why didn’t the boat capsize? Where was the investigative journalist from the Western Australian newspaper when he/she was needed. Too many unanswered questions!

    I have really enjoyed your shark stories this week. I find sharks scary. I remember going sailing with Adelaide friends on Spencer Gulf. I don’t like being on water very much either, so I wasn’t enjoying the ‘adventure’. I enjoyed it even less when they told me Spencer Gulf is one of the most shark-infested waters in the world. I was really white knuckled after that comment! I could have kissed the ground of Adelaide when we made it back (however, I didn’t!!).

    • I’m pleased that you have been enjoying the shark stories, I love that they all happened a long time ago and nowhere near me!
      A sailing boat on the gulf? Pass, thanks…. If that had been me I think I would have wanted to kiss the ground once I was safe too *shudder*.

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