8 comments on “Dog vs shark. Round 2.

    • I bet he did! That is definitely the kind of fishing companion you want! 😀
      I wonder what proportions the shark grew to in the dogs ‘ the one that got away’ tales? “It was ten feet long! And its teeth were like huge knives!”

  1. This must have happened before border collies became one of the smartest dog breeds…but at last a good shark story, in which the “good guys” don’t end up fish food. 😉

    • I wonder if it was a farm dog? After a day on the farm a bit of fishing might have seemed like the easy option! 😉
      It is nice to hear of a shark losing the battle for a change…

  2. Proper dog this time, made of much sterner stuff… but I suggest the owner should maybe take a stick or frisbee to save to dog from needing to substitute a shark. I hope the dog got a nice shark dinner for his efforts 🙂

    • Definitely a proper dog, that one. I agree with your suggestion though, a stick would be a far safer thing to fetch than a live shark. 😀

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