24 comments on “Poodle vs shark. 1911.

  1. It’s quite surprising what a varied menu your sharks have over there.. Pampered I call it.
    The video was a bright spot in a dull Monday morning Metan, thank you.
    xx Sending Hugs xx

    • Pleased I could brighten your day with tales of destruction… 😉
      It is surprising what sharks consider food, I think they are like a baby, anything that will fit goes in the mouth, regardless of flavour!

  2. Imagine how annoyed the shark was… that’s it I’m never eating poodleever again, it gives me the tinkles 🙂 And, it never did. I’m sure the 2 cops were in the area following up leads. Yep.

    • “It gives me the tinkles”, I’m still laughing! 😀 I wonder if the shark had trouble hunting anything else once it had the bell inside? A bit like a cat trying to sneak up on a bird, the fish would have heard “dah nah…tinkle, dah nah….tinkle”. Hard to be menacing under such trying conditions! 😉

  3. I’m just wondering how the bell could possibly have been ‘tinkling’… if you hold a bell tight in your hand, it makes a dull sound because it can’t vibrate. So, where was it in the shark that allowed it to tinkle?
    Am I analysing this too much?

    • I can see you playing the part of the long suffering husband taking the tinkling dog for a long walk off a short pier (tip of the hat to my dad there, he would tell us kids to do that when we were being particularly annoying 😀 )

      • My grandmother had a poodle that was the most obnoxious beast to ever roam God’s green earth. If there had been a pier nearby I would have taken a saw to it to ensure it was short – very short – when it came time for a walk.

        • My grandfather had a chihuahua like that. You could have taken it and the poodle on such a walk.

          That’s a very nice saying, Metan. Mind if I swipe it? It is perfect Wal-Mart material. 🙂

  4. You write that “I don’t think we need to speculate on the possibility of any poodle ever winning the poodle versus shark deathmatch”—you don’t know our toy poodle. He’s named Sherlock for a reason. 😉

    • Aaah, so that is how the bell got there. Sherlock, gripping the shark by the nose and ramming the bell down its throat “I’ll see you laddie!” then giving him a headbutt. For some reason my imaginary version of your dog is Scottish…. 😉

      • Good as story as any. Sherlock is very mischievous. Perhaps he leads a double life in which he antagonizes sharks. OR maybe he fed my dog Murdoch to the shark. Rapscallion, that he is. We call him a “Haubstadt Hoodlum”, not very Scottish even if his name is. 😉

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