13 comments on “More music. Curse you Meeks!!

  1. mwahahahaha! Don’t blame me. 🙂 Young Colin started it. And I’ll definitely pay you a Sledgehammer but I might pass on the gorgeous Adam.

  2. That’s the trouble. Once you start it’s hard to stop as another song and another pop into your head. It was a great era for music back then Sixties, seventies and eighties had some unforgettable groups.
    xx Huge Hugs xx

    • So hard! Another problem is that I have to check the year they were released as some of the ones I am convinced were 80’s hits were really from the 70’s. I guess that they might have been around for a while before they were hits but if I just let anything through I can hardly call it my favourite decade can I?! 😀
      I will be thinking of more and more songs all the time now…. Colin really did start something… 😉

      • I can relate to the decade confusion. I was so sure the Eurythmics were from the 70’s but I was wrong. Sweet Dreams is still one of my favourite songs of all time. And then the Police. And… don’t laugh but I adored John Farnham’s Whispering Jack. And that song “In the Jungle, the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight…. in the jungle the…-slap-

        • I will admit that I hate John Farnham with a passion. No reason for it, but I will dive for the radio to flick him off if they ever play the opening bars of anything of his. Perhaps it is because they played him to death back in the Whispering Jack days.

          Some of my biggest favourites were from the 70’s but seemed to be later, I am still thinking of other songs I should have posted though!

  3. Dammit, Slegehammer has now earwormed its way into my head… ands I don’t even like the song…
    On Friday night I spent an hour surfing youtube for 80’s hits… and eventually settled on U2 for a while 🙂
    Meek’s mention of ABBA leads me to a confession, we watched both recent reports on Channel 7’s Sunday night 6.30 pm with Agnetha Faltskog, and despite only a brief fondness of ABBA I still know all the words… so Sunday night wasn’t pretty in our household, me dancing around singing along to ABBA.
    Me too for disliking John Farnham, although when I was a preschooler my favourite song was Sadie the Cleaning Lady… but that was Johnny Farnham!

    • Sorry about Sledgehammer. I didn’t really like it either but his stop motion clips were certainly an icon of those music video times.

      I saw the second ABBA report, sadly I knew all the words too. Not really a fan but my mum was. That means their songs have implanted themselves in my brain and I am sure nothing will ever budge them. Too bad if I ever I need that space for something else! 😉

      Just to replace your earworm with something else (potentially worse) here is Dave Dobbin and Slice of Heaven, a more ratbag group of backup singers you will never see. 😉

  4. My earworm, thanks to you 🙂 was One Perfect Day. I quite like the song, but the video clip was awful!! I can’t like John Farnham — I am always reminded of Sadie the Cleaning Lady. But Abba is another story! I was teaching grade 5s when they hit the big time, so you think I would have hated them simply because of continual repetition. But I still enjoy their boppiness.

    • Oh yes, that clip is utterly awful! The soulful staring and head waving of the guy on piano is just too much to bear, the pastel wardrobe too, that’s a crime against humanity!

      ABBA certainly is a phenomenon, their songs are amazingly sticky and people never seem to get sick of hearing them! Perhaps it is because they went out at the top and managed to avoid repeatedly retiring, coming back, retiring, coming back….. Maybe Farnesy should have taken a leaf out of their book. How many last tours has he done?!

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