18 comments on “A perfect-ish day.

  1. To the soundtrack of the 80’s I went from being a teenager to being married and then divorced… usually played via a country radio station 2NM or on TV – Countdown, and at the very end, Rage.

    Some cassette… that’s how long ago it was… albums I had/have somewhere
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    Def Leppard
    Cold Chisel
    Guns N’ Roses
    Pat Benatar
    The Black Sorrows

    Other Australian 80’s music was fine, like Midnight Oil, Moving Pictures and but I generally hated the UK 80’s offerings… One Perfect Day still annoys me, and stuff like Cyndi Lauper & the Go-Go’s

    In the 80’s I hated The B-52s Love Shack… now I love it.

    I mentioned on Meeka’s post the song Turning Japanese by The Vapors, and for some reason I also like Wild Wild West by The Escape Club, and I liked Joan Jett.

    It was a crazy time.

    • Noiseworks! I had forgotten about them! I could easily have added a song from each of the artists you listed. 😀
      Duran Duran, Pseudo Echo, Wham, some too embarrassing to admit to! I really just put the first ones I came across that hit the right button with my brain. If I was to do an in-depth post on the best music I would have to take weeks off normal posting and work on it full time. 😀

      I do love One Perfect Day just for all the feelings that are attached to it, but I think that is why most of those old song appeal to us aren’t they? The memories make them better.
      Guns and Roses…. To me the memory connected to them is the concert at Calder Park raceway a zillion years ago, burning heat, dust, high winds, pouring rain, mud, freezing cold… All in the one day. Naturally it is a great memory. 😀

      • I know… I thought I didn’t like the 80’s but there are so many songs I Iove… I think I just really hate the songs I hate.

        • There were some beauties back then. The more I think the more great songs I come up with. It is good I did this post in a hurry, otherwise I would have dithered about which ones to include for ages. There were definitely ones to hate as well though and some of the songs we loved back then are so cringeworthy now aren’t they?

          • I’m the other way, nostaglia has warmed me to more 80’s music, when I clicked on that site, I kept going oooh I loved that… it’s so much about time and place, good times = good songs. You are so right though, the 80’s were very commercial, and some of the music needs the context that was there and then.
            I couldn’t take Meek’s challenge, it would take me a month to include all the songs from whichever decade, which would probably be the 70’s…

  2. Ah you and Ella have brought back good memories! I was getting married and having a baby in the 80’s. My how time flies. 😀

  3. I wonder if the New Romantics from the 80’s have been missed out because they were disliked? Apart from a mention of Duran Duran there’s no mention of the great ABC or of Spandau Ballet, no mention of the odd bods like Howard Jones or of groups like UB40. I loved the 60’s, more tolerated the 70’s since I hated punk ( But we did get The Pretenders and Blondie) and went back to enjoying the 80’s with songs like Vienna by Ultravox. The nineties just flew over my head somewhere I’m afraid.

    • Spandau Ballet? I forgot about them. There are so many great 80’s bands it would be impossible to name them all in one post! I loved Howard Jones and The Pretenders and all the others you mentioned.
      The nineties weren’t the best were they?

  4. No time to write everything, but totally agree with everything written here so far. I did go to a Eurythmics concert here in Hobart, they were pretty cool.

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