7 comments on “The lawn monster returns.

  1. The Lego figure does put it in perspective; too bad he can’t battle the fungus for you. My mom used to have huge ugly fungi appear at the edge of her yard. She boiled kettles of water, added some white vinegar and salt, broke off the top and drenched the rest with the boiling concoction. This was years ago, but it worked!

    • I used a garden hose for perspective in the last lot of photos but then it occurred to me that the size of them might not be a universal thing! Lego men though, that is something we have all seen. Plus this guy looks suitably ferocious and able to deal with any of the feral fairies one of my readers suggested might emerge from such a raggedy fungus last time. 😀

      I actually don’t mind them being on the lawn, it isn’t much of a lawn, as you can see and one thing I love about Autumn is the (usually more attractive) mushrooms in the garden. These beasts are such a strange thing, giants that turn up once a year, critters eat them, lay their eggs in them and then they disappear in a puddle of wiggling goo until next Autumn. They are probably a vital part of the food chain and everyone else just mows them!

  2. Scary looking fungus, I’m glad Lego Man has his stick… or being of your household, light sabre?
    Yay for #2. Another win for the Jedi 🙂

    • I did contemplate arming him with a Lego light sabre but if I was to lose it in the garden….. Well, I had better not bother going back inside.

      Number 2 was so thrilled, he said that as he was doing the walk in front of everyone for the judging the kids were all chanting “Yo-da Yo-da Yo-da” and high fiving him. A VERY happy boy came home last night!

  3. Well done #2 son and Mom’s costume making skills.
    As for the beastie in the garden. Pity you can’ have a web cam on i to see if you can catch the phantom jaws that are eating it. Surely it must be something nocturnal because you’d notice it during the day. xx Hugs xx

    • Thank you, it is not often I am too good at the mummy stuff like sewing, but this time I was really pleased.

      When we came home from the school run today we noticed that two more have popped up on the lawn. One is a little further away from the others and is mostly undamaged. It actually looks much more attractive than the chomped ones. It is amazing how quickly they grow, the new ones are about the same size as the one in this photo (which is much larger today, I took the above photo last week) and I am sure they weren’t there yesterday.
      I have noticed that there are flies hanging around them today as it is sunny. I wonder if they are the egg layers and the snails are the biters?

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