19 comments on “Dress-ups. 1942.

  1. -grin- Ah good memories. I remember sewing the Daughter a big, fat dinosaur tail and doing something with a green balaclava so she could go dressed as a dinosaur. That show about the dinosaur family was all the rage back then .:D

    • 😀 I remember my mum making all kinds of dress-ups for my sisters and I. I still have some of them! Number 2 went to a girls fairy birthday dressed as an elf in my old old Peter Pan costume a few years ago. As the only boy at that particular gala he was a hit! (No way he was going as a fairy but no way he was missing out on a party either 😉 )

      It is funny what kinds of things we can conjure up from our imaginations when we need to isn’t it. 😀

      • It is! And I don’t think kids are the only ones who love dressing up. We held a Halloween party a few years back complete with silly games and everyone loved it. Some of the best costumes were home made!

  2. It would have been nice to see son #2 as Yoda as well as these children . It’s strange how styles of fancy dress differ over the years. The Bride is probably the only common denominator these days.
    xx Huge Hugs xx

    • I thought the same thing about the styles of fancy dress. These days they are all superheroes and movie characters, back then… well, I don’t even know what the two on the right are! The one with the square buttons seems like a frighteningly jolly baker from a movie, I just can’t remember which one! 😉

  3. I regret to say there have been a lot of teatowel, bed sheet creations in my own children’s scarred recollections of dress up day, I’ve never been exactly nifty with sewing machines or sequins, more a source of embarrassment for them and peer pressure anxiety for me 😦 There can be nothing worse for a child at a dress up/fancy dress event than being asked “so what exactly are you?” and having to merely shrug in response.

    • I was very pleased that number 2 already had the accessories he needed in order for it to be totally clear who he was supposed to be!
      I can ever live up to my mums level of creativity, when we were small she seemingly pulled out the sewing machine and whipped up something proper in no time. Lucky for me number 2 was happy with some creative draping and haphazard sewing!

      • I must have inheriting my lack of skills from my own Mum; I clearly remember looking lame at a kids fancy dress for the Queens Silver Jubilee, in a blue jumper, red skirt and white socks. She didn’t even make an attempt to make me look ‘flag-like’ just threw an appropriate colour scheme at me from my already depressing wardrobe!

        • I think a bad dress-up as a child can cause you to be scarred for life… 😦
          I am lucky, Number 1has no interest in dressing up. His disinterest is so complete that in the past he has gone to school in uniform instead of making even the slightest effort at a costume.
          Today the theme was choose a book character, luckily for Number 2 there are Star Wars books and Number 1 put in a real effort, going as Zac Power (child spy) under cover as a school student…

  4. Before I read a word, I just knew this was going to involve Star Wars characters… I love that #2 has a collection of light sabres…
    The kids in the photo are wearing quite elaborate dress up outfits, the young lass on the right appears to be wearing a [real?] fur stole. I wonder if their experience had any influence over what or who they became.

    • Ahh, you know me too well. 😀
      The light sabres are his favourite thing. Often one sleeps under his pillow just in case his heroic qualities are called upon during the night.

      The dress ups in that photo certainly are better quality than the average kinder dress up we see today aren’t they. I guess the mums had more of those kinds of sewing skills back then.
      These days they are mostly shop-bought superhero costumes. I guess that is part of the reason that costumes were different then. These days there are kids movie characters and children’s tv they want to emulate. The costumes are very definite now, Batman looks like Batman and without the big S on your chest you aren’t Superman… They could get away with a bit more then. Chuck a crown on and anyone looks like a king! 😀

      • It just came to me… The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts, All on a summer’s day… The baker looks like the giant marshmallow from Ghostbusters… it’s been bugging me too 🙂

  5. The best dress-up I’ve been involved with is that of my youngest, about 30 years ago, when he went as “Vivien” from “The Young Ones” and all the family pitched in.

    His sister did the hairstyle and applied the orange coloured spray appropriately. Big bro cut the sleeves off “the boy’s” Denim Jacket and applied the required wording. Even dad brought home the metal studs to add to the jacket and stuck them across his forehead with “blue tack”. Me?… I laughed my head off and took the photos.

    The best photo is of Chad with a chainsaw in his hands, with a maniacal expression on his face, and attacking the furniture with wild abandon. All good fun and happy family memories.

    • Oh yes! I love The Young Ones and what young boy wouldn’t want to dress up as Vyvyan!
      I love that all of your family had a part in the costume, that makes it an even better memory doesn’t it. 😀

      • Sure does Metan… and now I’m remembering that about 5-6 years later he was helping his older brother (10 years older) prepare for a fancy dress and was writing some cheeky/ suggestive message on his chest with lipstick… hmmm, might have to dig that photo out and remind myself of exactly what the two bros were up to 😀

  6. Love the photo and your story about making your sons’ costumes. My Dad made my best costume ever. I was a tea bag (an old flour burlap flour sack) complete with a little tag on a string. He copied the ornate Indian elephant design from the box onto the sack in crayons. I LOVED that costume!

    • I love the sound of that costume made by your dad. 😀 I think the ones made by family with a bit of love are always better than the bought ones. They might not be perfect but they are definitely the ones remembered when we grow up. 😀

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