17 comments on “Underground dwellers.

  1. I’ve seen grubs like ths before, I thought they were witchetty grubs, and I never knew they became a cool looking beetle. I don;t know that I’d want to hold a grub, the bettle is ok. We have hard clay soil at TA too, but only a thin layer… over ridge gravel. The landscape looks so verdant but its just on the surface. Luckily trees and plants are tougher than we think they are.

    • The grubs do feel strange, they aren’t slimy just unpleasantly dry and fleshy.
      Your clay is over gravel? Ugh, even harder to dig holes in. The Man bought a hole digger ages ago after digging one too many holes by hand and deciding he would avoid it altogether in the future. 😀
      You’re right, plants are very resilient aren’t they.

    • I was a little afraid of what I would disturb with my shovel. I expect it was just an ambitious land yabbie but….. Number 1 was digging with me at the time and I told him “If I shout run, just run”. 😀

  2. I swear I don’t know how anything survives around here. I find the odd worm in my garden beds coz they are sort of moist but you won’t find many worms doing their thing in Warrandyte. Haven’t seen any of those grubs though. That’s probably why we don’t get many beetles. We do have a lot of spiders and bullants though. -sigh-

    • Worms are so precious here that I keep a container with me when I dig in case I come across one. It is carefully placed in the container and then moved to a needy veg garden! I have though about buying some to see if that helps.
      Spiders and bull ants, Grrrrr…. The apple beds are right near a jumping jack nest so the first bit of digging was slow going with one of us keeping lookout with a pointy stick.

        • Don’t think we haven’t tried!! All of the other types of ants have taken the hint and moved a decent distance from the house. The chemical warfare goes on against the jumping jacks, one day we will win. Either that, or a giant mutant ant will erupt from under ground and kill us all just like a scene from Starship Troopers. 😀

          • lmao – Don’t you send that giant mutant ant over here! I’ve suffered far too many rashes from small critters in my garden to want a big one!

          • Don’t worry, if it starts coming your way you’ll know all about it! This is my mental picture of what will happen on that fateful day. 😀

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