20 comments on “A new face in politics.

  1. Holy moly. First Peter Garret and now Angry. That would make for some interesting question times…. What would he be a minister I wonder?

    • I’m sure he would be great in some sort of youth portfolio but I really want to see a clip in the future from question time when he just tells everyone to pull their f**king fingers out and get on with the job. 😀

      • That would be priceless. And of course. Youth would be perfect I was thinking something similar but just didn’t have the word for it.

  2. Angry Anderson is forthright, hands-on and sometimes controversial – it will be interesting to see how he goes in the the arena of the political circus that serves as Australian government. The voters of Throsby will get first shot.

    • I really hope he keeps his “Angry-ness” and doesn’t become smothered by the party line as has happened to so many other previously famous pollies. He has been a part of politics for a few years but I guess this is the first time they have really bought him forwards. I could see a party headed by both him and Les Twentyman being quite popular. 😀

  3. If ‘Angry’ works out over there can we borrow him please? A politician who hasn’t forgotten the public need is as rare as hen’s teeth and he might bring out any hidden on the back benches over here by instilling them with the courage of their convictions. Lucky Throsby.
    Hugs xxxx

    • It will be interesting to see what happens with him. I really hope he makes a difference to Throsby. If he works out you definitely can’t have him. He will be the only one who actually does, a treasure worth keeping!

  4. Angry puts his money where his mouth is. I can’t see him toeing anyone’s party line if he disagrees with it. Plus he has Peter Garret as a role model /not/ to follow! Go Angry. 😀

  5. Whooo Hooo!!! … bring it on. Election circa 2013 is surely going to be the most entertaining by far.
    We have “Angry” who was going to join the Libs but didn’t and has now been pre-selected by the Nationals to represent the graziers, farmers and rural voters in an un-winnable safe labour seat. A man of conviction, indeed…

    Clive Palmer, the mining magnate, is going to take a break from re-building the Titanic and has resurrected the old and dead “United Australia Party” and has visions of becoming Prime Minister… whatever “floats your boat”, I guess… 🙂

    Bob Katter, of the big white Texan style hat up there in Queensland, has formed “Katter’s Australian Party” and is planning to sort everyone, and every thing out…. and HOOLEY DOOLEY… even Pauline Hanson, co-founder of the controversial “One Nation Party” in 1997, also up there in sunny Queensland, has plans to challenge Tony Abbott (Leader of the opposiont/ Liberal party) and run as an Independent claiming that he destroyed her “political career”.

    Picture me on Election night, laying back in my easy chair, feet up, eyes glued on the “tellie”, chucking down “nibblies” and cool refreshing drinkies … and laughing my head off. Some enjoy Aussie Rules Grand Finals… my joy is Election night and this one is going to be a real “doozie and a laugh a minute.

    Cheerio for now…
    PS … Peter Garrett? Crikey as “Minister for the Environment” he sure got criticised BIG time and slapped around that bald head of his and now, as Education Minister, is sufferring similar treatment re: plans for astoundingly revolutionary changes to our Australian Education system which favours our poor, dispossessed, indigenous children. Bad bad boy, Pete!… bad bad boy!!! 😀

    • Poor Peter. He would have been so much better off as an Independent wouldn’t he. Spending so many years shouting loudly about what you would change in environmental politics and then quietly toeing the party line just makes us grumpy.
      *sniffle* We believed in you Peter, and you just let us down. *sniffle* 😉

      I think that he is keeping his head down too much now. In this 24 hr media cycle environment no amount of hard work towards changing the world for the better will make you look good unless people have seen your head on telly talking about it. We just don’t like them enough to actively seek out their good works! Well, apart from those of you throwing your popcorn at the tv on election night of course…

      I know Angry has no hope of doing anything in that seat, if it was winnable or influential they would have given it to someone more staid. That said, we can hope that he goes on from there and does something positive in the future.

      Bob and Clive… Well, what on earth can I say about them? Clive should just go and buy his own country and lead them, leaving us alone, and Bob should be given a reality tv show and left to make a splash in that arena. 😉

  6. Oh, crack me up Metan … 😀 I love it!!!
    As an Election Night popcorn thrower (figuratively speaking) I confess to closely following what our pollies say, what they promise and especially what is reported/ highlighted & often twisted to suit the political agenda of the predominant Murdoch Press here in Oz… and absolutely delight in discussing these perceptions with others. e.g. Despite our different political leanings my eldest “boy”, and I, had a grand old time chinwagging today about the questioning/grilling of our Prime Minister, Jillian Gillard, by Australian High School students on Q&A this week and especially reflecting on Media reports of this programme.

    Cripes!!! Whilst fessing up I do need to admit that I’ve even been known to read “Hansard”, put in submissions re: proposed Legislative change and even follow up with lobbying our “pollies” in the Legislative Assembly, before they give approval to something I disagree with that has already passed the Lower House. ha ha ha…. Just can’t help m’self 😀

    Like your idea of a new Reality TV show for “Katter the Hatter” and suggest that “Splatt” would be an appropriate name for the programme and wonder if even that that would entice me to watch those ridiculous shows? … 😀

    • I am glad that there are some like you who pay proper attention to the antics of the pollies. If we were universally disinterested they would be able to get away with anything! We are all pretty quick to notice when they do something we don’t like but we generally just whinge and don’t do anything about it.
      Now I am going to ask your opinion then back away quietly. 😉 What do you think of the latest pay rise they voted for themselves this week after fighting the teachers and nurses over their much smaller one for so long. Funny how hard it has been for 774 to get one of the big names on the radio today, usually they won’t get off!

  7. HA HA HA!!! …you can just colour me “weird” Metan 😉

    Sorry I can’t help you with the pollies pay rise cos I haven’t even heard of the dispute. Nurses and teachers are employed/ paid by the State Government, not the Federal, and our State pollies aren’t having a pay fight with anyone at the moment… So, I’m guessing it’s your Victorian Lib Gov pollies and Vic teachers and nurses who are “head to head” and that doesn’t interest me at all.

    If it was our South Australian pollies, however, I’d be following exactly what the issue are and have a very clear point of view… See, told you I just can’t help m’self… 😀

    You don’t have to “back away quietly” Metan. I’m happy for others to have a different point of view and also don’t believe pollies are any more perfect than the rest of us… some do good, some do bad and some are absolutely hopeless but I don’t tar all with the same brush. Added to that I was raised to keep my gob shut, and don’t complain, unless I’m willing to do something to try and change a situation, whatever that may be. My children are the same… wonder why that could be? {chuckle}

    Well, I guess we can all blame my mum eh? That would amuse her… 🙂 Toodleooo…

    • 😀 I was hoping I could back away while you had a shout!

      Our state pollies have managed to vote themselves a juicy payrise after fighting the nurses and teachers for many many months (and strikes) for a tiny one…. The only one who got up and said that it was a bad thing and that he would try to work against it was a member of the Greens. The first time I have listened to a Green and appreciated what they had to say for a VERY long time! 😉

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