10 comments on “That’s inflation for you. Selling Australia’s first banknote.

    • Keep them under lock and key, they might be worth a fortune one day, in a hundred years or so…. 😉
      I bet there will be a few people scrambling through their grandparents old things now in the hopes there is a treasure hiding in there somewhere!

  1. Hmmm….I guess a couple of old 1$ bills won’t fetch much. 🙂 I wonder if Judith Denham just forgot about it or whether she kept it for so long as a great memory? Must say I’d love to have a memory worth 3.5M!

    • I love those old one and two dollar notes, they are worth more than face value now, but not much more….
      If she did hand number it herself I wonder if she kept it for sentimental reasons? It might have been very exciting to do such an important thing as a five year old. It is nice to think that she remembered it and it was special to her although she was probably like the rest of us, with things squirrelled away that have slipped from memory.

      • That’s one reason I love and hate the cleanout that goes with moving house. I love finding strange, forgotten mementos from the past. And I hate having to get rid of them to make way for new ones. I still have items going back to my childhood – like my very first teddy bear. They all bring back memories that suddenly feel as fresh and bright as if they had happened yesterday.

        • I love coming across those unexpected memories too, and I hate the thought of getting rid of them. A big clean out usually means just re-stacking and very little throwing away!

          • lol – I used to do that too! Unfortunately we went from a 4 bedroom rental to a much smaller 3 bedroom house that had to include a lot of Dad’s favourite stuff as well. I have to tell you I cried as that skip pulled away. 😦

          • When my mum and dad downscaled I was really sad to see lots of old treasures get thrown away too. I took what I could but only have so much space myself. 😦

            I did wake upon a cold sweat one night and got on the phone to them first thing in the morning when I remembered that they had my grandmothers old washing copper in their garden. I was terrified it had already been given the boot! I was just in time, it was going to the scrapyard that week because they though nobody would want it.
            I went straight down there, dumped the plant out of it and put it in the back of my car. Now it lives next to the fireplace, full of wood. I would have been heartbroken if it had been gone and I think my dad would have been torn up to see it trashed.

  2. My aunt and I have the same first and last intials so when $1 notes went out of circulation, they were D series, and she saved us DLN and DJN notes 🙂 Only sentimental value though.
    I’m guessing Judith Denman knew she had it but didn’t realise the interest it would generate, an dpossibly wouldn’t have cared even if she did.

    • We have a few ones and twos put away for sentimental reasons, and I bet that many many people do too. Just thinking about it, I wonder how many of them never made it to the incinerator?

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