24 comments on “Plague costume. 1903.

    • Wow, some of them are terrifying!
      If I crept into the kids room in the middle of the night wearing one of them I doubt they would ever call me for late night assistance ever again!

  1. I was going to say it looks very similar to Mr And Mrs Pacoon, the alien ambassadors from Doctor Who (The End of the World), but then on close comparison I see that they’re not wearing a hat.

    • Close, but no cigar.
      I am sure there is a movie character who wears a costume almost the same but I just can’t remember what/who/where! Aaaarrggh! It will probably come to me in the middle of the night. That and the plague. 😦

      I wonder if the stick was used as an early form of euthanasia? 😉

    • Oh no! The Man? That would be too much to bear. I would probably be better off using the big stick on him and saving my sanity!
      The plague has slightly abated but I am terrified that round two will be starting within hours.
      My biggest problem today was an abundance of linen desperately needing to be washed and no sunshine! 😦

  2. You need a bell too with that costume to ring as you cry Bring out your Dead. Hope you slept well tonight, only it’s now morning again isn’t it? UK time 21.16

    • I did sleep well, thank you! Kids were exhausted so there were no late night call ups to duty. We all slept peacefully, and and after such a wearing day for all I gave them the day off school today, so we got a sleep in too!

  3. Oh no… and the nice weather has gone just when it would be useful. I’m thinking I might need a plague costume as office attire once the flu season hits…. it looks like the Klu Klux Klan may have had a few of these in an old chest and starting out just wore them differently so people would think they had new outfits… ilke the royal family do.

    • They certainly are klan-like aren’t they. I would find it hard to take a doctor seriously if he arrived in such a getup!
      The sun is back today here but it still freezing, not too good for the washing. These are the days I wish I had a tumble dryer….

  4. Don’t be surprised to see the plague costume on the catwalks of Paris or New York someday soon. They’re running out of outlandish outfits and this seems like the sort of thing they’d throw into a show.

    • It wouldn’t be accessorized with a big stick then, and one of those ever present small dogs wouldn’t really match. Hmmm… I forsee the rise of the pointy-beaked bird as the newest fashion accessory!

    • That is probably just as well, imagine trying to drive your car while wearing that! I expect that people on the bus would be very uncomfortable when you plonked down next to them too. 😉

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