13 comments on “Building an icon. 1930.

  1. I’m going to confess : if the end of the world comes I really hope the Opera House remains for archeologists to find in the future. I also want the Guggenheim Museum in Balboa to survive… and the Notre Dame in Paris. Mmm… and maybe the Great Wall in China…

    • I wonder what those future archaeologists would think of such non traditional buildings, after all, they are nothing like the buildings we all live and work in are they! The Great Wall though, that is just to keep out the rabbits isn’t it?

      Ps: They were just talking about suspended coffees on ABC news!

      • lmao – yes! It never occurred to me that our Great Wall is probably just as long!

        Oh that’s great Metan! I haven’t watched the news today but I’ll make sure I catch it while I make dinner. I really hope suspended coffees go viral in the real world. 🙂

        • It wasn’t on the proper news, they were talking about it in the local paper round up. I think that one of the local councils was donating $500 to cafes to share the free coffee love.

          • Aaaah. I was wondering why I couldn’t see anything about it tonight. I’m amazed that a local council would get onboard but I guess they can’t all be bad. 🙂

  2. From my desk eyrie I view Sydney’s tourist icons daily, the Opera House, The Rocks, the Harbour Bridge and the harbour of course, with Luna Park as a backdrop. After 20+ years living in the city I still enjoy driving over the bridge late at night or early morning when there’s not much traffic, wandering around the old streets of The Rocks, the forecourt of the Opera House or through Luna Park.
    From an OS man made icon point of view I deliberately sought out the Hollywood sign, and the Golden Gate Bridge as landmarks to feel like I was really there, but the highlight was standing in front of the Disney World Palace which when I was a kid, appeared on our TV screen every Sunday afternoon 🙂

    • You were the first one I thought of when I found this photo! I remembered the photo you posted from your desk recently.

      There are a few things in the world that you want to get a photo of yourself standing next to aren’t there? That was one of the reasons we took the kids to Ayres rock. (The Flinders Ranges rocks are much more interesting.)
      I remember the Disney palace of a Sunday, and Tinkerbell waving her wand, definitely an icon of our suburban childhood!

      What are some other icons you want to see? I would love to go to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Machu Pichu. 😀

      • No other man made icons I can think of… Ha Long Bay & Machu Pichu would be great, and I would love to tour the UK and France looking for menhirs. At home plenty of natural Aussie icons. I have seen Kakadu both from the ground and the air, so The Olgas and The Bungle Bungles spring to mind, and yes Ayers Rock. so many places, so little time and cash.

        • Ain’t that the truth!
          We are thinking of taking the boys to Sydney sometime this year as a surprise just so they can see the bridge and the opera house for themselves. 😀

          • I remember my first visit to Sydney CBD at about 9 years old. Everything was so big! As well as the obvious things, I think #2 will enjoy the Australian Museum Mineralogy Collection… and the museum in general. And if you have time, the State Library and all the wonderful archives 🙂

          • I am absolutely sure he will love to see the mineral collection. 😀 They have never been on a plane either so it will all be hugely exciting for them. An extra long weekend won’t be enough!

  3. I WANT to travel! (Australia is on the long, long list.)
    But on another subject, this post reminded me of the iconic ending of the original “Planet of the Apes” when what’s left of the Statue of Liberty is on the beach. The list of images that are short hand for particular places is very long — maybe as long as my travel list.

    • Oh yes, those damn dirty apes…. 🙂
      Following along the line of a movie makers view of the world, you know something I really hate? When we are presented with a dramatic map of the world showing the places the contagion/monsters/aliens have overrun. Often they show large population centres in Australia that have been affected, although anyone with a slight knowledge of geography would know they are in the middle of a mainly human free desert!
      Do some research people! 😀

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