26 comments on “Death of a werewolf. 1893.

    • You have to wonder why the husband didn’t stand up for his wife though. I wonder what the social status of the visitor was?

      Perhaps the husband was a werewolf as well!
      Maybe he was hoping she would be executed and the whole thing would blow over before anyone noticed his full moon escapades!

    • Of course! Thank you! I finished this post at the end of a very long day knowing there was a more correct word than werewolfery but it just wouldn’t come to me!

    • But from which point of view? Gentle wife? Boorish husband? Travelling guest? I think that once news of his accusation got out he might have found his welcome a little colder at homes where the husband wanted to keep the wife he had!

    • Wow! Awful Egyptians live on stage! Thank you for that link!

      I am dying to hear you own werewolf story, clearly it had a better ending than “she was burned at the stake”.

      My other mental picture of this event was having a high level Inquisitor over to dinner. You know that it can’t go well but there is no way you can avoid sitting at the table and desperately hoping you laugh at all the right points…. 😉

    • 😀 😀 Imagine one just turning up on your doorstep one day expecting to be accommodated. All the servants racing around hiding anything even slightly incriminating and what on earth do you serve for dinner? Too lavish a spread would be sinful, not lavish enough, disrespectful… I think you would be better off just building your own bonfire and cutting your losses. 😉

    • 😀 It has gone from a were wolf story to a rogue Inquisitor travelling the coutryside and burning those who don’t live up to his standards….
      Ok, now my mind has conjured up Masterchef Inquisitor. He turns up on the doorsteps of each couple unannounced. Their cooking (and general moral standards) had better be up to standard or else. You don’t get evicted from this show, it is out the door and a public burning in the courtyard for you!

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