20 comments on “Flying Snake. 1929.

  1. The original has such a ‘stiff upper lip’ feel about it. I can see it as a comedy sketch, where more and more extreme things happen while the pilot blithely sails on. How could he NOT notice the mayhem going on?

    My mum grew up out the back of Wharbuton, where the bush would have been alive with snakes. She hates them, and so has a number of stories about them. One was about a snake having a nice nap on the warm engine of the car. Next morning it and emerged from the dashboard, rather cross at being woken up. Needless to say the car was evacuated while my grandfather hunted it down and dealt with it. I suspect there was no “and it lived happily ever after” ending for that snake either!

    BTW how’s the Telstra battle going? How many modems are you up to now?

    • It is very still upper lip, isn’t it. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read it, it was trying so hard to show the terrified passenger in the best light rather than just telling it how it is. 😀

      Eeek, I hate the thought of a snake in the car, spiders are bad enough. They never get a happily ever after with me either!

      The third modem arrived yesterday afternoon so I will be calling them soon to go through the same old button pushing and see if I was actually sent two faulty ones previously. I seriously doubt it so I will be interested to see what the next step will be!

  2. I’ve learnt a new word “Ophidiophobia”… I never knew that’s what phobia of snakes is called even though I have one! I am getting much better about it but being confined within a plane or car with a snake is just the worst of horrors. That said, watching it happen to someone else (without it being necessary to intervene) would be just hilarious 🙂

    • I had to look it up myself, I would have just called it snakeophobia! And yes, watching it happen to someone else would be hilarious. Just as long as it doesn’t happen to me 😉

    • I could just imagine the screaming! I really doubted that the snake lunged at him from foot level and the camera was used to fob it off but still managed to fly out onto the ground. It sounded like he just flung it out in terror and was trying to justify it!

  3. Snakes on a plane? Surely not. I think that exact scenario happened in one of the Indiana Jones films, maybe the start of the first one, but it was the pilots pet. Not that this made it any better.

    • If memory serves “It’s just a snake” was shouted at the victim and a quick escape was made from angry natives who were brandishing blowguns. If this passenger had been the victim in the movie I think that there would have been no safe landing for him!

  4. I’ll admit to more than a little herpetophobia. But since I’m deathly afraid of their rodent food source, I don’t know who to cheer for!

    Definitely NOT snakes on a plane…

    • I hate rodents as well. I am not afraid of them, I just hate the thought of them in my house!

      Snakes on a plane though….. *shudder*

  5. I like your version of the story much better. And poor snake, while im not a lover of them, it would have been too frightened to think about biting anyone.

    • I feel the same way. It is not like the snake hunted them down is it? The poor thing would never go near a human again after an experience like that

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