18 comments on “How to make kids happy.

    • 🙂 It certainly changed the mood!

      In Australia our school year starts in February so the shine is already well off the excitement of seeing their friends and getting a new classroom. 😉

    • 😀 I can imagine that my mum would have been totally horrified if I’d ever bought one home from school. She would have been “Oooh, that’s interesting!” on the outside but on the inside she would have been screaming “Get that out of my house!!”. I am sure some terrible ‘accident’ would have befallen it in very short order. 😀

  1. We used to find quite a few of these laying around in the yard. Plus a number of “live” ones.

  2. I’ve never seen a shed snakeskin before so this was kind of… interesting. I knew a guy back in my uni days who had a pet snake – just a tiny little thing about the size of a fat shoestring. I did play with said shoestring and it wasn’t too bad but… a wild one? Thanks but no thanks.

    I am pleased for No.1 though. I just hope this doesn’t inspire him to ask for a live one. 😉

    • He doesn’t need any encouragement! He is saving up for one, or a Bearded Dragon, but I doubt he will ever get enough dosh together. Each time the funds start getting serious something else attracts his attention! I don’t mind a pet snake, it is the poisonous ones that worry me and I know he will never want one of them… 🙂

      I find shed skins very interesting. When we were in Alice Springs we took the kids to the reptile centre and inside they had the large fork of a tree as a bit of appropriate decor. The fork was draped with skins which I guess were from all of their animals. I couldn’t begin to imagine how many skins were there. So many, that you would have had to wrap both arms around to pick it up!

      • To me, non-poisonous pet snakes are like mice – I like them but not in the house! Then again I said I would never get attached to fish and now I check on my fishies every night so perhaps I shouldn’t make too many bold statements!

        I wonder if that tree fork was the only place suitable as a scratching post for those captive snakes? Or did the staff collect all the shed skins and just display them there??

        I really, really want to get to Alice Springs one day.

        • I know what you mean. we make sure that the chooks are safely locked away if there is even the slightest chance we won’t be home before dark. If you had suggested earlier that we would schedule our evenings around a bunch of chickens I would never had believed it!

          By the way the tree at the reptile centre looked it had been placed there purely for a place to drape the collected skins.
          Alice Springs is worth a visit but is a strange place. It is like two separate towns sharing the same place at the same time without ever interacting. A collision of space and time but without the resultant cosmic explosion!

          • Now you have me completely intrigued. I must go there before my teeth fall out and I need one of those walker things. 🙂

          • It is an interesting place but, you know, has all kinds of social problems that we don’t get in our quiet liitle towns. It is the only place I have been to where the Coles has had (and needed) security guards. 😦

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