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  1. The Hairy Bikers are well loved in our household, so thet Hairy Vikings hit the spot for me on this back to work Monday… mind you at least I am not on the phone to Telstra… yet. Even though our weather is still warm, we indulged in a stew last week – who could resist $6.99 per kg goat chops!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I expected that people will either get this clip or not. If you have watched the Hairy Bikers you will get a chuckle out of it, if you hadn’t you might wonder why we find it so funny. 🙂

      They really hit the nail on the head with the voices though, haven’t they? I can still hear them saying “Love a bit a waaarus” 😀

      Mmmm, goat. Yummy. I don’t think our local butcher has goat unless you request it. A pity because it is so nice. I had a beautiful rabbit pie from a bakery the other day that inspired me to ask the butcher for a bit of it for a stew.
      When Sam the butcher told me how much it was I nearly fell over! It is a bloody pest and they still cost a fortune! Needless to say we didn’t have bunny stew that night. Might have to go and catch my own 😉

      • I laughed at the clip becuase they got the voices so right, and because similarly Dad’s pea and ham soup goes on the stove at the beginning of winter, stays there and gets a bit of this and that added to it. My ex-husband was scared of it but no-one has died so far from eating it.
        The goat was from the new Woolworths at Tempe! I’ve only ever seen it at Haberfield where the Italian shops are. The new Woolies has a proper butcher not only a prepackaged meat section. I don’t mind rabbit either. I have memories of eating it as a kid, cooked by my Nanna but the only time I had a go at cooking rabbit (wild, not shop bought) it was a disaster. I was told to soak it for 2 days in water to tenderise it… but when I cooked it, it was so tough it could have soaked for a month and not been edible. Farmed rabbit is too expensive for me to consider ruining by attempting to cook it 😉

        • Three month old pea and ham? That’d put hairs on yer chest! Oh well, what doesn’t kill you….

          Wow, a proper butcher in a woolies? Whatever next! We have roo (steaks, stir fry) in our woolies, I am not sure how much gets sold, although for them to still have it there must be a market out there.

          After I mentioned the cost of the rabbit to the MIL she said when she was a kid they used to go rabbit shooting for a bit of extra money and sell them to the butcher. The butcher wouldn’t accept any myxo bunnies, for good reason, so they would cut any suspect heads off before delivery! Eeek!
          I think I will have to just keep buying the bunny pies from the bakery and be satisfied with that. 😀

          • Re Telstra, BTW, I contacted them yesterday to make sure the agreed billing arrangements were in place as I couldn’t see the effects on my account. Not wanting to test my sanity any further via a phone call I thought I’d give the pop up online assistant a try.”Lovely” was able to confirm the credit was in place and despite being advised to cancel my direct payment option, that I’d have to pay the current bill before the credit could be utilised on the next bill… but anyway, the process was less stressful and time consuming than trying to make myself understood verbally, and at the end I was able to print out a record of my call, including the reference numbers. Not sure if you’ve tried it, and of course your internet has to be somewhat functional to do so…

          • I hadn’t heard that before, it definitely sounds worth a try. Unbelievably they are sending a third 4g modem to me because they think the first two might be faulty.

            Strangely, since my original complaints my internet has become faster than ever before! This is seemingly at the expense of the Man whose internet access has become nil while at home. He actually got in his car and parked 50m away from the house the other day and did some work then came home. He was so close I could shout out to him but the connection would die if he came any closer. At the same time I was using my own almost identical dongle very effectively while sitting on the couch!

            I am hesitant to start complaining about this until the first saga has been resolved otherwise I might have to start that one all over again! Of course once that has been resolved I will unleash him and then….. 😉
            I might have to use the much quieter online assistant for that though, I am not sure the kids and I want to be in the house while he trying to ‘negotiate’ with them!

  2. I haven’t seen the Hairy Vikings before so this was a real eye-opener. 😉 Not sure I’ll be trying that recipe any time soon though…. Good luck with Telstra. 😦

    • Not going to try it? I don’t understand! Is it Dobbin or the feathers that ruin it for you?
      No amount of luck helped, the Telstra disaster goes on….. 😦

      • Dobbin AND the feathers. 😦 I like my birds plucked and roasted! [chicken that is!]

        Ungh….is it time to insist on speaking to a manager yet? Apparently they have to pass you on if you ask. You must be pulling your hair out by now. 😦

        • I am in the middle of amassing a large collection of (free until one works) modems, the third one is on its way as we speak. I was going to give up and end the whole saga today, but now I really want to see how many they send before they decide that the problem is at their end! 😀

          • The third modem? Good grief. This would be funny if it was happening to someone I didn’t like! Oops… did I just say that? Sorry, not enough caffeine in my system yet.

          • 😀 I did start the day intent on telling them where to stick their crappy service but now I have decided that I will see how long it will be before they either fix it or give in.
            My other internet stick is working beautifully at the moment which was my original complaint, now I want to see how far this goes before they admit defeat!

    • I can imagine the hearty laughter if Si and Dave (or probably more accurately pronounced Deeev) ever saw this.
      No success with the modem fixin’. It is becoming something of a battle of wills now, lucky I have a LOT of patience!

  3. Did you manage to vanquish the Telstra monster? Any victory laps happening?

    By the way, you can get goat at the Vic Market. I have never cooked or bought it, but I will at some stage.

    • No success with Telstra at the moment although I think I am finally getting my message across. It is developing into a fully fledged battle of wills!

    • Tax day? Bleh 😦 I am glad I could lighten the mood!

      I think our personal tax return system is far less onerous than yours but in regards to any type of form-filling-out you have my sympathy! 😀

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