33 comments on “It’s moments like these you need…. a whole crate of Minties!

    • I did get a perverse pleasure out of the phone call today. I called them and told him I was unwrapping it while I was talking to him.

      He was horrified that I had called before I even had a problem and did his best to get rid of me before I had even started, including giving me the ridiculous excuse that he couldn’t try to connect it until it was at 100% charge.
      I gave him a virtual pat on the head, used my best “Oh, really?” voice, and told him that they come partially charged and it was at 78%. SURELY that should be sufficient to connect it because there wasn’t going to be a problem, was there…..??

      It was mere moments before there was a problem that he couldn’t deal with though. What a surprise! 😀

  1. gaaaah… why do they get away with this… don’t answer that. I spent an hour and a half on Monday on the phone to Them, spoke to 4 different people, the first of whom didn’t want to deal with my call to sort out the mystery of the first bill with 2 added mobile phones so transferred me to Disconnections… Apparently it’s been sorted, not exactly as I wanted but the closest they could do. I know the CSR’s aren’t in Australia, most people think Mumbai, but I truly believe They have a call Centre on Mars… yes, I know it doesn’t support life as we know it…

    • You might be correct. They certainly seem to be living on a different planet. I feel for you, once the billing goes wrong it is like moving heaven and earth to get it back to normal. 😦

      I find myself really annoyed when they tell me their names are Anne or John in a strong Indian accent. I accept that you are in India, just fix my problem!

      I feel like that have a list of approved names that they choose from once they get the job. As I was talking to them I could just imagine the nametag on the wall of their cubicle so they would remember who they are supposed to be! Ginger was the one who got me the most, I found it hard not to burst out laughing when she said it, all I could see was Ginger from Gilligan’s Island! 😀

  2. For the sake of a foreign reader is the man in the picture supposed to be someone from history or some comic? I refer to the man with the three penises.

    • The WHAT now!!!? *zooms back up to image*

      Phew… I think that the three penises might be the unfortunately positioned (and previously unnoticed) three fingers of his other hand. *wipes brow* (G rating of blog restored)

      No, not a special person, the Minties advertising pictures were always normal daily situations bordering on disaster that could supposedly be made better with the addition of a chewy minty lolly.

      We still have Minties these days and the wrappers of each have a cartoon of a modern day disaster and are still very popular. The Man has always kept a bowl of them on the shop counter at work for the tradies (tradesmen) and the kids race in to grab a handful each time we drop in. 🙂

      • If you don’t mind me chipping in here… I did zoom back to check too 🙂 … re: the identity of the man, with the unfortunately positioned left hand, he must be a police officer because the children are referring to him as a “flatfoot”… which was once slang for a copper/ policeman/ police officer.

        • That observation certainly deserved a second look, didn’t it! 😀

          I didn’t think to clarify that the flatfoot was a policeman, I thought that it was a universal term! Thanks for that Catherine 🙂

          • I’ve never heard flatfoot either!

            I agree on the customer service point – I don’t care where you are either! It must be really bizarre and frustrating to work in a place where your new boss says, “All right, [name], you can’t actually use that. Make up a new one, your old one isn’t good enough.” I wonder how often a day they get morons on the phone who think it’s okay to take out their (justified, I mean telecoms are roundly terrible) anger through some good old Australian racism. 😦

          • Really? I thought that everyone would know what a flatfoot was! Just shows that you didn’t all read the same books I did when I was growing up, shame on you all! 😉

            I bet they get those racist morons on the phone every day. 😦 I try not to take out my accumulated anger on the one I am talking to that very minute, after all, they didn’t cause the problem and some of the are clearly annoyed that they are unable to just continue on to solve the problem themselves.

            The only time being in India is a hindrance is the occasional pronounciation confusion. When they tell you a new password or something it can be a few goes before we are all on the same page!

            I have noticed in my many, many calls of late that the women in the call centre are extremely polite and seem to really be trying to help you. The men though, they do their best to get you off the line before the issue is fully resolved, including the one on Friday (he of the “if it is not charged” excuse) who tried about 4 times to get me off the line even though the problem wasn’t anywhere near fixed.

  3. This is sort of related. I was watching The Drum tonight and apparently Malcolm Turnbull has salvaged what he could of the NBN by convincing Tony Abbott not to scrap it, but rather to geld it, thereby saving about 15 billion. Now if the Libs get in we’ll have fibre to the node, and then good old copper from the node to each house. You’re a long way from the node? Oh, that’s a shame….

    Anyway, I feel your pain and am sending you lots and lots of digital minties. They-who-must-not-be-named are bastards… sadly we already knew that. 😦

    • It is a quandry. Faster internet and spending billions of dollars, or slower internet and 15 billion towards something useful… If I knew the billions would go to healthcare, aged care, education or some other thing equally deserving I would just struggle along with what I have, but I guess it would mostly just go towards the next governmental pay rise and new roads in swinging electorates. 😦

      • Yup. 😦 The Libs are known for balancing budgets by cutting all those unimportant things [sic]. Maybe they’ll spend that money on more Collins class submarines…

        • Eeeek!
          I can’t see how it can possibly cost so many billions of dollars to do it in the first place, is the bloody thing made out of solid gold or something!

          • I have no idea what fibre optics are made of but they’d want to be pure something at that price. Plus I guess you have to factor in the cost of digging all those miles of holes to put it in.

            I guess it all adds up. I just wish Labor could have finished this one thing before The End.

          • I wonder, are they going to dig miles of holes or just run it through what already exists? I am sure that miles of hole will need to be dug but I bet there are some ridiculously large wages and fat bonuses budgeted for too.
            Labour were never going to finish it, they needed a big carrot to hang over the masses in order to get the vote. Have you noticed the new “I’m a complete nuff nuff and just got the NBN. My life is soooooo much better now” ads on the tv lately? What an interesting time to release them, coming up to an election.

            If Labour stay in there will be some unforseen delay, an investigation, the budget will blow out, they will wait for some new technology that will save costs and make it even faster, and at the next election we will still be in the same position. This time a few more households will have the NBN (or whatever they change the name to) and tell us how great it is and the rest of us will be forced to vote them in for another term if we want our share of it. Call me suspicious but….

            I am afraid that I don’t see super-fast internet as a thing vital to survival (although I would LOVE it), I would far prefer to see that huge chunk of money spent on something that would benefit the lives of those people who can’t even afford the computer to plug the internet into in the first place. Alternatively, I think we would all benefit from improved mental health care, including those of us lucky enough not to be directly affected.
            What about using the money to set up some sort of Medicare for the dental sector? People don’t go to the dentist because they can’t afford the extravagant prices but it is to the detriment of their future health, and we all pay for that in the end….

            Last on my soapbox list, but far from the least, care for the disabled. I have friends who have disabled children and I can’t even imagine what their lives will be like when those children have grown up and still need full time care when mum and dad are too old to give it. They all have different needs, who is going to be there to pick up the slack? Will they just have to go and live miserably in an institution until they die? Oh, wait! They can play on the internet all day can’t they….

            Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. Still hating the pollies for making us have to vote for one of them knowing it is totally pointless though….. 🙂

          • Nothing like a good old “rant” to “clear the scuppers”, as my mum say, eh Metan? 🙂 … but I reckon you should be blaming the suffragettes, rather than the pollies, for getting us women the vote and forcing us to the polling booths… damned busybodies! 😉

          • You’re right! If only us womenfolk stayed at home, barefoot and chained to the the sink, there would be far fewer people to have to spin their crappy policies to! 😀

            I doubt Tony’s cheaper plan is going to be any better. If they get in there will be “things the last government never made pubilc” about the NBN and the supposedly cheaper plan will rise dramatically in price too. Whatever happens, we’re screwed.

            If only a government would start from the bottom up instead of making life happier for those who are already comfortably off. But that would mean less ‘stuff’* for them, and their cronies, wouldn’t it! I can’t believe that the biggest election issue, well, the one they are riding the hardest anyway, is faster internet. If only that was the biggest issue in the day to day existence of the general public eh?

            *power, influence and kickbacks. What all pollies live for.

          • Whoa! Is it safe to come out now?

            Just kidding. 😀 I agree with everything you said, including the NBN rollout timetable. Sadly, real help for the disabled and their carers, plus a real overhaul of the education system, plus universal dental care all fall into the basket of necessary but non-sexy policies all governments prefer to ignore.

            When The Daughter was little she knew she wouldn’t get any dessert unless she finished the real food on her plate. I wish someone had taught politicians that.

          • Never fear, you’re safe. My soapbox crumbled under the weight of my rant! 🙂
            Sad how predictible they are, isn’t it? We all know what needs to be done, we also know that they won’t do it.

          • Don’t worry! If you ever need another soapbox I’ve got heaps I can lend you. 😉

            As for polies…. do you suppose the sky would fall if one of them actually told it like it is?

          • As soon as one of them actually starts heading in the direction of honesty the rest are quick to shout them down and shred any credibility they might have.
            They have set up a system that only rewards spin and not truth. I wonder how bad it will get before a change is forced through? 😦

          • You’re right. There was a young and very new Liberal politician who came to a few meetings here in Warrandyte. I loved the fact he actually called a spade a shovel. Since getting into government though he seems to have been coached in the art of spin. Really sad.

            So long as potential candidates have to be endorsed by the party, nothing will change for the better. 😦

          • Remember Peter Garrett? Rock star politician. Wasn’t he going to change the world? Where is he now do you think? Infected with the spin and cloistered behind such a thick wall of spin I doubt that we will ever hear from him again.

          • Yes, he has to be one of the saddest examples around. Does he still believe he’ll effect change from within? I suspect he knows he’s burned his bridges. 😦

      • Look at it this way: faster internet will be only twice as much financially and seventy-eight thousand times less useless than stupid fricking Myki.


    • I am sure that there are some councils out there that think this is a good idea but all I can see is those in the country missing out again.

      I live in the Yarra Ranges shire which is huge compared to the inner city ones but we have a fraction of the population, 2011 census says 144,641 people spread over 2,470 sq km, and I am sure there are many larger councils with far fewer people out there.
      To complete the roll-out there would be many empty miles of internets lying around under the ground (you know what I mean!) between clusters of properties and that would make the cost prohibitive for many councils in similar places.

      I can’t imagine what the solution to this might be!

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