16 comments on “Kevin McCloud’s Man made home. Put your feet up and watch this antidote to consumerism.

  1. My goodness, my partner and I LOVED this show! We made dates with television like never before! (and yes, we’re poor, backward folk who don’t have tivo, or whatever you call it). A lot of people criticised it, claiming he was too “exclusive” and no ordinary person could afford to do what he did – but he never hid that fact, and I think the point of his show was purely to show that it can be done.
    And yes, I am dying for a book of the series too! I’ve been stalking the internet trying to find one.

    • It was one of those few things worth really making an effort to watch, wasn’t it? We don’t have tivo either, so I had to time dinner and kids to all be ready to leave me in peace while it was on!

      I didn’t really think he was doing it from the point of view of a person who had an unlimited budget, he was just lucky to be who he is so it opens doors for him. I think that everything he did was able to be done by normal (read ‘broke) people, the only thing that was different was that he was doing it for the love of doing it and got to go home to his nice house every night after filming.

      People like us would have to live in the mud under a tarp without electricity while we were trying to work out how best to make shingles! 😉

      I would love a book to be released that went into more detail about all the things he did. It was great to see him and his offsiders doing them on the show but clearly there were more aspects of the different builds etc that we didn’t see. If only he would share all those bits it would be great!

  2. I’ve seen, and enjoyed Kevin on Grand Designs. Haven’t seen this show though but will look out for Man Made Home… If I had to give up my lovely old house which we try to keep off the gird as much as we can – as my next de-novation I’ve put the idea out there to re-install a wood stove in the kitchen – I would love a proper off the grid house 🙂

    • I would love an off the grid house too, my dream is to buy a property out in the bush and do just that. If you are a Grand Designs fan you will really love this show.
      It was only 4 episodes and as Meeks said, it was Kevin and a few mates getting down and dirty and having the time of their lives.

      They made their own glass, and shingles and everything else in the cabin. It was great to see them with each project, they would get proper instruction from someone who knew what they were doing and then completely balls it up, laughing all the way. 😀

      I have started thinking of putting a wood burning stove in the kitchen too. We keep the fire going all winter anyway, that way it might cut the electricity bill down a little.

  3. Mmmm…. yes, Mother’s Day is coming up isn’t it? Methinks I might start dropping some hints as well. Luckily the Daughter loves the gorgeous Kevin as much as I do. 🙂

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