25 comments on “Giant Sunflower. 1946.

  1. It reminds me of The Day of the Triffids. That’s what you kids want to defend themselves from zombies: giant walking carnivorous rhubarb!

    • Angry, sentient, rhubarb. Now THAT would freak out the vegan neighbours! (and they would probably end up starving to death after that little revelation)

      Can you imagine what the vegie garden would be like if each plant was bred purely for its potential as a weapon? You would need a glasshouse that doubled as a genetic engineering lab and to practice your evil “mwah ha ha” at every opportunity. 😀

  2. Consider this at night when the sunflowers are towering over your house “You don’t seriously suggest that they’re talking when they make that rattling noise.”… 😉

  3. Hmmm…. if I planted a whole heap of those giant sun flowers down slope from the house it would be like looking at a sea of smiley faces. I think I like that idea!

    • They would too! I have wanted to plant some for years and I keep forgetting, this year I had a goood reason to. The bees love them as well, good for everyone I think!

        • I am lazy like that too. I am known for planting any old thing anywhere it takes my fancy though, no rhyme or reason in my planting! Just chuck them in. 😉 You can plant something different next time!

          I have noticed by the way a multitude of sunflowers seedlings have come up where we feed the parrots that they are very easy to grow. You just need to keep them quite damp at the start then they grow like anything (the ones that fell into my swampy pitcher plant went mental). 🙂

          • Ah so that’s the trick? I should get some seeds and plant them while we’re having this nice, gentle rain. Just wish I’d brought in the washing before it began.

          • I don’t think sunflowers will do too well in the cold, I might be wrong though…
            The washing though, that doesn’t do too well in the rain more’s the pity! 😀

          • lol – I keep telling myself it’s getting thoroughly rinsed but I must bring it in today or I won’t have any gardening clothes, well not ones that don’t stink.

          • I am hopeless, anything other than towels that gets rained on has to go through the wash again, at least for a rinse. 🙂 It is nice and sunny again today, a great day for washing. Those good days will be few and far between soon!

          • I know, it’s completely ridiculous… I think it is a tiny throwback from a mother who is a total clean freak.
            Plus, if they get rained on my careful anti-iron hanging goes to waste! I don’t do ironing unless it is a rare business shirt for the Man. (If it needs to be ironed it should have moved into a wardrobe somewhere else… 😉 )

          • Commiserations, especially with regard to the ironing. I’m a no-ironing woman as well. I have one linen shirt that really should be ironed but… it’s not as if I’m going to the opera or something… right? I’ve learned to love my wrinkles in more ways than one. 😀

          • I do have one or two things that need ironing but they are for the rare occasion we have to go to a business dinner or something. I have been known to go and buy something new rather than organize laundering the old…. 😉

  4. I planted a sunflower once, and have a crazy photo of my partner and I standing underneath it. I intended to use the sunflower seeds, but got heartily sick of taking each one out of its shell. Would have given them to chooks if I had any. Anyway…I have been meaning to plant more, and haven’t. So let me know when you and the boys are planting the seeds to keep the zombies at bay, and I will do my bit in the city! (By the way, how are you protecting yourselves against zombie attack before the sunflowers are up and doing their thing?)

    • They are one of those things aren’t they? I have intended to plant them for years as well and just kept forgetting until it was too late.
      When we plant them next summer I am sure I will do a post about it, especially if they take over the garden as the kids are hoping!

      I am not sure how safe we are until they grow, but if movies have taught me anything it is that calamities are never truly serious until a landmark that is instantly recognizable has been overrun. As it would take quite a while for the zombies to shamble this far from the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge or even Flinders Street Station I will continue with normal life while keeping an eye on the news for reports of unexpected brain munching. 😉

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