14 comments on “A late bloomer.

  1. Gah! I’ve got that little song stuck IN my head now. What a… cute but gruesome game? I wish it had been around when the Daughter was younger. She would have loved it. And maybe me too 😀

    • It is a funny one, and not really gruesome, the plants are too cute and the zombies bloodless. Once I played the song a few times while I was looking for the best clip the kids were singing it quietly over and over too.
      To illustrate its infection, I just sang “There’s a zombie…” and the refrain was instantly picked up even though they are concentrating on something completely different.

  2. I can’t get over the incongruity of the sweet singing sunflower and the lyrics. I hope it doesn’t give me an earworm attack 😦 Giant Russian Sunflowers sound fantastic, and certainly as well as providing shade! should protect your yard from those pesky zombies. The chooks also I imagine would love the old sunflower heads 😉

    • It /is/ catchy, sorry about that…. 🙂

      I did think of the chooks when I (partially) agreed to the future planting of the flowery forest. I expect that the parrots might have a go at them too, the flowers might never get to look their best if they are treated as a snack bar by the ravening hordes 😀

  3. We’re going to know how to find your house then! All that anonymity gone to waste…

    • 😀 You’re right, if they grow according to his plan they will be visible from space!
      Our house is single storey (as are most in Aust) so I just have this mental picture of the house looking very strange, a roof at the same level as the top of the flowers! His plan is for the planting to go all the way across the front, bar the gap for the steps. It is going to be quite dark inside!

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    • I’m not sure how effective they will be but I haven’t seen a single zombie anywhere since they flowered. Surely that proves they work! 😀

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