22 comments on “A sunny day.

    • Hail to bugs indeed. 🙂 They would rather I stayed away from the fireplace too, each trip to the woodpile disturbs an entire ecosystem!

  1. Yuck. Cleaning, especially on a nice day. I love these outerspace type bugs. I am reading A.C. Flory’s Vohktah at the moment – you tow should collaborate 😉 At TA over Easter, camera in hand I spied a tiny hairy caterpillar on the leaf of a plant hanging over the edge of the verandah… I thought of you, and I’d take a Metan style photo for the elladee_images post I’ll get to doing shortly… anyway, I am hopeless… I adjusted the leaf and away tumbled the caterpillar down down into the garden. I did get lot of photos of the huge kitchen spider though 😉

    • I always find myself doing washing on a nice day and it is always against my better judgement! Outerspace bugs are always interesting and the Vokhtah bugs were VERY interesting. 😀

      Eeek! Huge kitchen spider? No thanks! Taking photos of the small critters often takes a gentle touch, trial and error has taught me never to move anything. If I do, the same thing happens, that perfect photo opportunity ends up hiding under a leaf or jumping for its life….
      Looking forward to the kitchen spider post, even if it freaks me out 😉

  2. Oh! Now he’s unusual. Do you know what he is? And I do feel your pain. I did do the dishes but that is /all/ I’ve done today and it’s almost time to start dinner.

    Speaking of cold, I was a good girl and got up before 7am today to do some writing… and it was freezing! I had to turn the heating on for an hour to stop my teeth chattering. Talk about extremes.

    • I think it is a type of Shield bug. We have heaps of similar ones here, all with different markings, although I haven’t seen this particular one before. My book tells me that they are also known as stink bugs because of the yucky smell they emit against predators. I never make them that annoyed though, so I can’t tell you how bad they smell!

      7am? You ARE good! It is pretty cold in the mornings though, I only let the fire go out this morning because it needed a clean. When I lit it for the first time in ages at the start of the week I smoked the entire house out! Maybe I should have cleaned it earlier 😉 I love having a fireplace but I hate the cleaning and wood carting!

      • Stink bug? Hmmm…. definitely look but don’t touch then. 😉

        I know what you mean about open fires. When I was first married the only heating we had for about 3 years was an open fireplace. It did a great job once it got going but the before and after was a pain. I decided to cheat with this house. Gas log fire, great flames, good heat and no mess. 😀

        • I have found that the best way to alleviate the annoyance of the before and after of the fireplace is to never let it go out…. 😉 Every few days I let it die down, push the coals to one side and shovel out the ash, no need to get cold! I agree, an open fireplace is more of a pain though.

  3. He looks a bit like the little critters in Richard Scarry books. Although I think they are ludes (spelling?), all I remember is that there is usually one on every page 😉

    • Thanks to you I just snuck into the bedroom with a torch while the kids were sleeping to get ‘What Do People Do All Day?’ off their shelf and, just as they do in the movies, I noisily knocked over a guitar and swore loudly and inappropriately. 😉
      I don’t know what the little beetle people are called but they are definitely green like this guy. Fortunately, our bugs don’t drive bulldozers. 😀

      You know what I always wondered about the Scarry world, even when I was young… How did beetles and mice drive appropriately sized cars on the same roads as bears and pigs in their appropriately sized cars….. Surely a recipe for disaster! Ok, it was only an imaginary world and I should get over it, but really!! 😉

  4. I swear that bug looks like a great science fiction creature! Maybe it’s because there were so many 1950s movies on TV when I I was a kid? “Them” with the giant ants and so many others.

    Well… you’re back to washing & cleaning day. At least you got a photography break.

    • Bugs are the perfect creature for monster/alien movies aren’t they. Some spray acid, they can look like robots, you barely need to do anything other than scale them up!
      I am afraid I take far too many photography breaks, that is probably why there is so much housework! 😀

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