23 comments on “Unusual Complaint. 1932.

  1. mmmhhh… me smells a rat 😉 Were the tradesmen expecting payment which was other than “monetary” as still happens today… and she was trying to cover herself? (no pun intended)
    Or am I becoming overly cynical and going totally off-track? 😀

  2. Read that Herald-Sun article. How absurd. 😆 The crazy things people come up with to complain about, eh? I’ll bet they wonder why the world doesn’t stand still for them too. 😉

    • Absurd is the best way to describe some of them, isn’t it! People DO think the world revolves around them, tourists can be the worst too, they think that the rest of the world is lust like home but with different scenery. 😀

  3. I have had to chase invoices so I can pay something, in fact we have been carting around for a year or so, in case we run into him, $500 cash to pay our removalist who is a [elusive] cousin of a neighbour! As far as cruise complaints go, my youngest sister convinced her friends, my other sister and her friends to go on a cruise a few years ago for her birthday… and got them all on the infamous “swine flu” cruise – they were given compensatory credits for their next cruise… yeah right!

    • I always laugh when you hear of those cruises that go wrong when the victims are compensated with a voucher for their next one. Like they are ever going to set foot on a boat from that company again!!

      I think I would do what you have done, hang on to the money in case of need, rather than go to court to force the payment. I wondered if the woman in the article was just making trouble for the tradesmen and no actual services had been rendered.

  4. lol – My Mum used to complain about not getting bills too! She did have a reason though. She liked to know what her bills were going to be so she could budget for them. 🙂 I’m not quite so bad… yet… but I do like to know what I’m going to be up for as quotes never quite work out the way they should. There’s always something unexpected, that costs extra.

    • I agree, it is nice to know what you are up against, there are always annoying extra costs! I wonder if she was taking them to court because they were just asking for one payment rather than itemizing the work done?

  5. Guests are funny creatures: an old story tells of the passenger waiting on the topmost deck. When asked what they were doing, the reply was waiting to see the helicopter that took the crew home each night 🙂 hard to keep a straight face for some of these!

  6. Given the really bad cruises that have been in the news lately — no power, no toilets, no fresh food for days and days on end as the ship is towed to a harbor — I sort of like the lady complaining about no window in her inside cabin.

    Not planning any cruises right now. You?

    • There have been a lot of interesting problems on ships of late, haven’t there. Well, interesting to those of us safely on shore that is! No, htere are definitely no cruises on my horizon…

      I was interested to see that the Costa Concordia is still on its side. I guess we expect to see these thing fixed fairly quickly don’t we? I can’t imagine that the locals are too happy about looking out each day to that instead of the lovely ocean view they normally have.

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