12 comments on “Success. 1916.

  1. I know what you mean about David and his wife. I’ve never met either of them though have read one of his Lordships’ books about Barsetshire and enjoyed his blog posts. Over the last week I found myself wondering whether she was alright and this blogging lark can have a similar effect on you as if you were neighbours or friends. Lovely post.

  2. What a beautiful article on the true meaning of success. I felt as if I knew Julia as well, and she was a genuinely successful woman. She won’t be forgotten.

    • It is a great piece isn’t it. I thought the ‘rescued soul’ part was particularly appropriate after reading Lady Julia’s book and her love for Pilgrim.
      I wonder who was in the mind of the original author when it was written.

  3. “Success” is a beautiful piece for you to find and to share. As I read your post, I thought “Oh, no” … as part of the blogging community we do become familiar with & fond of commenters and followers, and sad for them, or happy depending on events.

    • I thought that ‘Success’ was a lovely piece too.
      When we read other bloggers writings regularly we do become fond of them, don’t we. It is nice to hear of good things happening to them, but it is not so nice when the news is bad.
      It sounds like David has a lovely family so I am sure they will rally around him when needed.

  4. Sad news about Julia, but I do think you’ve found the perfect piece to commemorate a life well-lived and well-shared via bloggers all over the world!

    • Thank you. 🙂
      It is hard to know what to say sometimes, especially when you do not know them personally, but I thought this piece was lovely, and well worth sharing.

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