27 comments on “Hot Cross Buns. 1937.

  1. Happy Easter!

    I’ve never really been a fan of Hot Cross Buns as they often tend to have cinnamon in them and me and cinnamon do not like each other. Not one bit 🙂

    • I have noticed that over the last few years the variety of hot cross buns available in the shops here is bordering on the ridiculous. It started with fruitless and has now expanded to chocolate, sticky date, caramel, choc chip…. and probably more I have haven’t noticed!

      It is a pity that you and cinnamon don’t get along, I will go and have another bun right now in your honour 😉

    • We are having a nice lazy day. Lovely Number 1 son bought me in a huge plate of Hot Cross Buns while I was still in bed this morning, he knows the quickest way to my heart!
      I hope you are having a good easter too. 😀

    • Cheddar. Cheese. Hmmmm… Not the first spiced bun topping I would have chosen! Far be it from me to judge though, I might have to give that interesting taste sensation a go. 😀
      Happy easter eating to you! 😀

  2. Easter is probably the worst time to decide to go on a diet but that’s what I’ve done so just one small chocolate indulgence for me. Now to keep this up for the next god knows how many weeks… :/

    • Diet? What were you thinking woman!!! Surely your health kick could have waited a few more days?

      I guess it is a good time to try restraint, there is a chance that you will still be ploughing through the choccy eggs in a few weeks time and have forgotten all about the diet you promised yourself. 😉
      Happy restrained easter to you!

      • -grin- We’ll see. I’ve been good for two days now so if I can make it to the end of the week I may get there. Even took Mogi for a walk this evening! How is that for righteous? -ducks-

          • I love autumn too. I can handle the cold because doing stuff warms me up. Plus the cold seems to give me more energy. I must have some cold weather genes!

          • I love the cold too, it gives me far more motivation to do things! I weakened and lit the fire last night though. It really is like Autumn now, smoky fires and lamb stew for dinner, it’ll be snowing next! 😉

          • I haven’t had the heating on yet but I have warmed the bed with my electric blanket! A flickering fire and hearty lamb stew sound divine. I was going to make chicken soup tonight but today’s been a complete write off. It appears our septic tank is full and that is causing nasty things to happen. The guy is coming to empty the tank first thing in the morning but we still had a whole day to get through so the Daughter and I spent most of the day at Doncaster Shopping Town and then had dinner at the Pancake Parlour. All so we could use public loos instead of our own. 😦

            I’d be kicking myself more except that it’s only been 3 years since the tank was last emptied. It seems we use too much toilet paper. -sigh-

            Anyway, I won’t be blogging about this little adventure!

          • Hang on…. pancake parlour and diet at the same time? In my experience the two are mutually exclusive! Mmmmmm….. cheese and potato pancake with extra bacon….mmmmmmmmm….

            I don’t blame you for avoiding the loo at home though, ewwww. Perhaps the rain filled it with water causing it to overfill? Don’t spend too much money while you are avoiding the smell! You could take the laptop to the food court and take advantage of the free wi-fi!

          • Believe it or not I had a [relatively] healthy option! I had a lunch time sized Tabriz with lots of salad and NO dessert. 😀

            Funny you should mention a lap top. Neither the Daughter nor I have one, or an iPad or any of those lovely portable thingies. On the way out of the house though we both said how much we would like one right then. Maybe one day. 🙂

          • -cough- I’ve been known to have that amazing raspberry one, after a main course… But not in a very long time! Feeling like the Michelin woman who is about to burst at the seams is not nice.

  3. I think this photo shows that boys don’t change much over the years! Their hair styles may have changed, but their gusto for life hasn’t! (The dark haired lad at the back caught my attention. I wonder whether he hated that central parting?!)

    Enjoy every single one of those hot cross buns!

    • I thought the same thing when I found this photo. I could just see his mum plastering his hair down every morning, I can nearly hear the “Mu-uuum, stop it!”

      Number 1 supplied me with a hot cross breakfast in bed this morning, doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Happy easter to you! 😀

    • Never had a Hot Cross Bun?! Oh no! I will be rushing off to have one for you too!

      They are very nice, much like raisin toast, and best eaten toasted with lashings of real butter. They are an Easter treat but I have noticed that each year they started appearing earlier and earlier until now, when they appear in the shops on the very first day after New Years. Not good for tradition, or my waistline!

      I love doughnuts too…. mmmmm…. hot jam doughnut…mmmm…. 😀
      Another thing that is bad for the waistline!

  4. That pose is just for the photo I hope. Those hot cross buns need butter! I only made it through three and a half buns, lightly toasted – 2 for Good Friday breakfast and 1 + 1/2 for Saturday, and similar to Sciencelens I like as well as butter, a sliver of tasty cheese (an inherited trait from Dad). The birds were very happy to help out eating the remainder of buns, as the G.O. won’t touch them!

    • The kid with his hair parted down the middle doesn’t really look like he could summon up enough enthusiasm for the picture to actually bite it does he?

      Now that there are two of you telling me that adding cheese to them is a good thing I might have to give it a go. It just seems wrong though…. 🙂
      As much as I love them I can only get through one and a half at a time, 2 tops. I will go back a few hours later for the next round just to be sure that the rest of the packet don’t get wasted though 😉

      We haven’t had to sacrifice any to the chooks yet but I think we will have to soon, I bet they will be pretty happy to share when we do.

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