12 comments on “Easter lobsters. 1927.

  1. Hot cross buns have been completely ruined for me by biting into a mouldy one two weeks ago. Twice! The kitchen was dark. I didn’t see the fur. It tasted a little funny on the first bite but I thought to give it another go. I think I must have inhaled some spores because I could not get the taste out of my nose for hours.

    Happy Easter to you guys too.

    • Bleh, a mouldy bun would definitely ruin future bites 😦 They don’t last long enough to go off here but making sure they don’t generally results in me eating far more than is good for me!

      You will have to compensate with extra serves of chocolate egg 😉
      Happy easter to you, 23 and the squids! 😀

      • Thanks! We’re having the whole clan to our house for the Sunday Easter egg hunt. A casual romp over the lands for 20 AND we have to keep the dogs out the garden for long enough to actually have eggs to hunt. We’ll need all your happy wishes.

        • I have been mulling over a similar conundrum. How do I manage to scatter the eggs over the backyard before the kids wake up without the magpies and parrots having a go at them before the kids do? I might have to do some world-class distracting. 😀

          Good luck!

  2. Hmmm…. I love lobster, freshly cooked with just lemon juice and butter. -sigh- No way I can disguise that rack of lamb as lobster. Oh well, there’s always the eggs. 😀

  3. Bring on the Hot Cross Buns with LASHINGS of butter meltingt down your arm… and to be licked off your elbow.
    Although not a religious family, cos mum was “born on the other side of the blanket”, we always ate fish on Good Friday although not e-v-e-r-y Friday. Thank heavens!!! … cos seafood is not a favourite of mine and crustaceans make me throw up.
    Din dins for me today was a yummy lamb roast, heaps of taties, other veg and lots of gravy 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

  4. Good Friday, we are always at Taylors Arm where the G.O. does his share of our cooking and mans the bbq (whereas in Sydney his cooking is limited to fantastic mashed potatoes) and I take advantage of that and the good seafood co-op at Nambucca Heads to persuade him to bbq me as much seafood as possible. This year was no different – he beautifully, painstakingly timed bbq’d jewfish and sea scallops, and I chopped us a quick peach salsa. And, bbq’d lamb for Easter Sunday 🙂

    • Now THAT sounds like a fantastic easter feast! Well done G.O. (even though I am not a fan of seafood)
      There should be a law to ensure that BBQ’d lamb must be cooked on a regular basis too, yum yum yum… 😀

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