17 comments on “A strange theft. 1935.

  1. I hope they have a long use-by date. You’re probably still eating them in Australia now! I suppose it’s not easy to find if there’s any follow-up to this, and as to whether the criminals are still out there!

    • Ewwww… I hadn’t thought of that! Right, sausages are off the menu now!
      30,000+ sausages is a lot of fundraising sausage sizzles. 😉

    • Clearly not the voice of experience there, nice to know….. 😉
      If it wasn’t for the weight of this booty I would think the same thing, 250kg seems a little heavy to be the victim of a crime of opportunity though. I am still trying to think of what the sausage casings could be used for other that sausages.

      Perhaps it was just some rival sausage skin company cutting costs!

      • I hadn’t thought about a rival company. They could not only have been cutting their own costs but driving up those of a competitor.

        Of course, most likely it was just some knuckleheads who didn’t know what they were doing and ended up with something they had no use for.

  2. lol – I think this was definitely a case of mistaken identity. 😀

    Btw, I /think/ we have a resident owl! Or maybe we always had him/her just never noticed. I’ve seen friend owl 3 times now, hanging around near my compost pile. Attracted to the mice perhaps? So happy. 🙂

    • Really!? That is great! 😀 What kind of owl do you think it is?
      Not long after we moved in here I saw a big owl on the shed roof one night and I was thrilled to think we had a resident owl. Never saw it again! bugger 😉

      • I’ve got no idea what kind it is but it’s not all that big – about the size of a well fed kookaburra. I’m pretty sure it’s hanging around because my compost attracts mice. I managed to take a couple of very dark pictures… on my phone! The Coolpix camera didn’t even come close to picking it up. If I can clean up the pic a bit I’ll post it.

  3. I would have been inclined to say case of mistaken identity but the thieves did steal the sausage casings from the Country Service Casing Company. I have no idea what else you would use them for, and Google had no idea either. But, even more strange is if you Google “stolen sausage casings” there are a couple more hits…

    • I thought the same thing. If they stole 250kg of something from Johnno’s Gold Bars I can imagine that sausage casings would be the last thing on their mind, but the sign on the door clearly says Casing Company…..
      I still have no idea what other things these casings could be used for, I even looked up condoms from that era just in case that was an icky but legitimate use for them!

      Ebay tells me that 25metres of casings costs about $25. I guess that a butcher might want to steal sausage casings to cut costs. Still weird though, I can imagine a butcher and his mates staggering under the weight of 250kg of casings, the mates only assisted under the promise of as many snags as they could eat…. 😉

  4. Maybe there’s the start of a science fiction story here? Aliens with interesting food habits? Or maybe they have a completely “off-lable” use for those skins?

    • I guess the aliens have to transport those abducted humans somehow. Perhaps sausage skins are useful for keeping them tightly wrapped! A zero gravity siphon hose for an unexpected interstellar breakdown? 😉

    • You wouldn’t want to leave it just hanging around while you decided would you. I can’t imagine that it would take too long before it started getting a bit whiffy….

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