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      • As I said ours is famous for being very aggressive and sweary with a memorable line from Malcolm Tucker, responding to a knock at the door, being: “Come the f*** in or f*** the f*** off!”

  1. Wow, talk about a spot-on clip. All show and no substance – you know that goes on in major political offices just about everywhere. As long as they can show they’re doing something – anything – it really doesn’t matter what the end result is.

    • We all know it goes on don’t we. I say all but clearly many don’t realize everything said is just spin otherwise no-one would vote for any of them! If only they spoke the truth instead of what they want us to hear.

      • You’re right, a lot of folks are in the dark, though some are in dark out of their own ignorance. Politicians know what buttons to push because, just like in the video you showed, it’s become an art where style trumps substance. And we both know that a politician who actually spoke the truth more often than not would likely get torn to shreds by his opponents and not last very long. It’s a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, isn’t it?

        • All the pollies have to do is wave a bit of cash at the public just before an election and suddenly they are the good guys and everyone votes for them. It drives me crazy. If only we had some way of truly holding them to account. Really they just do what they want early on in their term and spend the rest of the time trying to make it look like it was the fault of the previous governments things didn’t pan out as promised. 😦 They are all tarred with the same brush no matter what party they are in.

    • It is a little too close to the bone isn’t it? The Hollowmen was a great show 🙂 I am sure you can get it on DVD if you are interested. Even though it is some years old now it is still just as fresh as ever. Politicians never change! 🙂

      • You know I’ve been thinking about that video clip all day and wondering why I didn’t watch the show more often when it was on. Well, I finally figured it out. When Hollow Men was on TV I thought it was too over the top. I thought real politics couldn’t be anything like that. Boy was I wrong. And naive. 😦

        • We watched it because we were believers! It might have seemed far fetched but I bet the reality is far, far worse 😦
          Maybe you should borrow it from the video shop and horrify yourself, it is the perfect time since we are heading into an election. Just imagine the conversations going on behind the scenes now and the schemes that will be ummm, schemed…. in order to make Julia look like leadship material again.

          Julia, Tony…. Why don’t we have a proper third party? If we did I suspect that there is a good chance for them this time. I bet the election will see a large number of donkey votes and higher numbers for the independents.

          • I’m finding politics so depressing at the moment I don’t think I could watch Hollow Men. After the election is a possibility though. And I completely agree about the lack of choice. I’m going to be voting independent. I just hope there are enough independent candidates to go around.

            What a mess. 😦

          • I’m praying for a good independent too, if only I was good at reasoning with people I would stand myself! Unfortunately for the world I am more of a tyrannical dictator kind of leader and my first ministerial appointment would be Chief Executioner, just to make sure everyone knew I was serious…. 😉

  2. It seems being answerable the people’s vote isn’t enough to stop rubbishy politics. I have never not voted but more times than not I wish I could vote No Confidence rather than for the candidates on offer. I heard Jum Middleton interviewed on MMM this morning saying there’s some great young politicians coming up through the ranks. If only…

    • I’m with you, I have always voted but sometimes I just wish I was voting for who I wanted to lead, not the one I hated the least 😦

      I wonder how much country will be left to govern by the time those young up-and-comers make their way to the top?

  3. I’m one of those weird Ozzies who LOVES politics and hates sport, especially Aussie rules 🙂 … Election night is better than a Grand Final, esp if you’re in a marginal seat. Whooo Hooo!!!

    I was able to watch, on TV, the events as they unfolded yesterday and reading the newspapers etc today you’d swear we had observed totally different activities!!! grrr 😦 A bit of truth from the Murdoch Press would be nice.

    Sadly all that nonsense over- shadowed/ BLOTTED OUT the real story. As one who saw too many young girls have their babies ripped from their arms and handed over to others, during the 1960’s, this is what is truly significant in Australian Politics, 21Mar2013, I reckon! Thankyou Prime Minister!!!


    • *eyes casting suspiciously about* Love politics and hate the footy? Are you SURE you are an Aussie? 😉

      Actually I am not an Aussie rules fan either, the rugby (league) though, that I like. It might be the ripped blokes in tight shirts and shorts that keep my interest though 😉

      I agree with you, the timing of the political argy-bargy could have been far more considerate. I had been listening to some of the political opinion lately and they had suggested that if some sort of spill was going to happen it would be about now. I would have thought that Julia would have done something a bit more effective to fend it off. If they were talking up the timetable on the radio surely she would have seen it coming a mile away herself.

      I heard a woman involved in the forced adoption era on the radio today demanding an apology from Julia for runing her important day. I thought that she was probably blaming the wrong person for making her feel bad though, I can’t think that Julia would have chosen for it to ever happen, let alone when she was looking good after the apology.

      As for asking for truth from the press…. well, that is as likely as getting truth from the pollies isn’t it? I heard Simon Crean today saying that he had been urged on to his fateful decision by Rudd supporters. I wondered if they truly were Rudd supporters or Crean enemies….

      • ha ha ha!!! … yep, wash ma mouth out, eh? 😀 … Boys, in tight clothing, grovelling around in the mud after a ball does nuthin’ for me but, Mel Gibson’s thighs as he acts out the fictional “Braveheart” character? … bring it on 🙂

        I was fascinated to read this report in “The Guardian” and to get some perspective on what some overseas, who are sufferring SO badly because of the GFC, think about us Aussies who’ve pulled through SO well because of the actions of our present Australian Labor Government. Always interesting to get an “outsiders” perspective, I reckon. Here ’tis:


        • Very interesting perspective. We ARE lucky, although the English saying that we come on holiday with money in our pockets clearly haven’t been paying attention to the exchange rate! 😉

          I always hate the way that each successive govt blames the last for the state of the finances instead of just making a plan and taking responsibility for their own choices. We ARE doing well, and whoever gets in next just needs to keep doing well and not f**k it up!! There is always the possibility that it will all go wrong and we (the public) have no way of doing anything other than watching the train crash from afar. 😦

          It is lucky we are doing well here financially though, we can’t just pop over the border for a few extra euros of a weekend as it seems many European countries are doing! 😉

    • Also… it was good to see that terrible era apologized for. I can’t imagine the horror of having your child snatched away or growing up mistakenly believing that you had been given away by an uncaring mother. I know that some of it was done in what was though to be the best interests of the child but it certainly seems that it degenerated into a blanket rule that did no good at all 😦

      I only hope the apology helps a few of those now grown-up children realize that they weren’t cast away, unloved, and that their mothers (and sometimes fathers) suffered as much as they did.

      • Absolutely Metan!!! … and what’s SO good is that Julia Gillard’s Labor Govt is backing it up with funding for a whole raft of services to help with “the healing”, for tracking down “kidnapped children” etc… Thankfully not just empty platititufes.

        Am hoping that some of my heartbroken schoolfriends and workmates, especially Carol 😦 benefit from this. So good to know that this is now out in the open and that so many people are showing care and compassion, eh? … Cheerio for now.

  4. Someone else’s country’s political infighting is always so much better than one’s own.
    Thanks for a break from the deficit crisis, the fight over guns, the fight over marriage equality, the insane rumors about the president and the rest!

    • I think that the US politicians, in taking on the mantle of ‘leaders of the free world’, take themselves more seriously than ours do and it makes their problems seem more dramatic!*
      What happens in the US affects more countries than Australian politics does, so they probably feel responsible for more of the world. We know that our decisions (mostly) only affect us.

      Here is a clip to amuse you. A four part tv series was done a while ago called At Home With Julia. Even though it was broadcast some time ago you can see one of the protesters at her gate is carrying a sign that reads “We want Kevin back and he sucked”. This leadership thing has been brewing for a while… 😀

      Some people took offence at the series, saying we weren’t giving our Prime Minister the respect she deserved. It was funny, they needed to get over themselves! 😀

      *your gun issue though, that is worth taking seriously. 😦

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