14 comments on “Choirboys. Run to Paradise.

    • I almost hesitated to mention the callback, perhaps now I have I have jinxed it and it will never happen again. Hopefully they will keep up with it, it was amazing! The girl who I talked to was also helpful and didn’t just pour mumbo-jumbo into my ears in the hopes I would go away and bother someone else.
      Is it any wonder I thought I had slipped into an alternate universe?!

  1. Ah, I feel for you. This is what December and part of January was like for me. I’m glad Telstra called you back. (New call centre protocol perhaps? Whatever it is, I hope pixies fix your internet soon!)

    It’s nice to know that we have a mutual appreciation for the absence of the 1980s.

    (Next up in fashion, Metan— we are now exploring the worst of that the early 1990s had to offer. Would you like an ironically fake Chanel jacket? How about a cat suit? Are you feeling the need to wear more neon with your bike shorts and your gigantic gold-plated chain necklaces? )

    It’s starting to get hot here, and I am allergic to a whole new set of growing things. Tell me more about the weather, Metan! Glad you enjoyed the park, too. Sounds perfect.

    • I hope it is fixed soon too, it is driving me crazy 😦 On the up side, I am getting more housework done, I know what I would rather be doing though….

      Oh, the nineties… the horror! Fortunately by then I had already adopted my uniform of black tshirts and jeans so I can judge from afar 😉 Especially the neon and bike shorts and ridiculous jewellery.

      Speaking of lycra as a fashion choice, bike riding is hugely popular in Australia now so it is usual to see cafes filled with people who probably dress reasonably during the week spending their weekends lounging around wearing tight and costly lycra with their expensive bikes propped up nearby.

      I hope that someday they will look back in horror at what their fashion choices, no matter how practical, have subjected us to. Just because it cost a lot doesn’t mean it looks good. Oh my eyes!

      I am very lucky that I’m not allergic to my garden, because of the lovely weather I have been spending more and more time out there and enjoying it a great deal. My veg garden is slowly expanding and while I am messing about in there the chickens are watching me intently throught the fence waiting to gobble up the weeds that are turfed in for them. 😀
      At the moment we are having cold nights and wonderfully sunny and warm days. It is perfect to me but I know that soon enough it will be cold and wet and we will be wishing for some more sun. Each night the sun goes down earlier as though it is preparing us for the beginning of the coming ice age. 😉

  2. Great music clip choice for today… it could be my theme song… run to paradise… well run to anywhere but her 😉 The 80’s were weren’t too good in terms of fashion – I still have a couple of souvenir outfits – and the Aussie Rock music was ok but much of the 80’s music needs to be buried in a lead box. Fingers crossed for you & Telstra’s new happy relationship. Speaking of iconic Aussie corporate dinosaurs, I am currently feuding with GIO… and gave them feedback that they were worse than Telstra!

    • Yup, the music was good but the fashion of the eighties was a bit too heavy on the denim and mullets wasn’t it?
      Run to Paradise was a good choice for me yesterday too, relaxing in a sunny park, things could be worse! 🙂

      GIO worse than Telstra? If that insult doesn’t get them reviewing their procedures nothing will! 😉

  3. -giggles- I LOVE the last bit about Telstra. 😀 And I really like that song too. Somehow I missed the Choirboys in the 80’s but it’s a damn good song. Goodluck with that modem.

    • I think I will need that luck, I haven’t even tried to post yet today the connection is so tenuous. 😦 Glad you liked the song, it was very appropriate for the day, running away to paradise, the definition of paradise for that day being fast internet! 😉

      • -grin- You make me realise my not so very fast ADSL connection is not that bad. Mind you, I am REALLY looking forward to getting the NBN. If a certain Party thinks they’re taking that away from me they have another think coming!

  4. Ahhh… that sure brought back some memories of my children’s teenage years. The daughter’s over- permed hair… the beanies etc. and that song, of course 🙂 … The husband even came home with a perm and the kids cracked up, big time. mmmhhh… that didn’t go down real well. ha ha ha. Thanks for the reminding.

    Hope you get your connection probs sorted soon. What a pain that is 😦

    • Funny how songs can immediately bring back memories, although….man-perm… not the best fashion choice ever! 😉
      I hope the connection gets sorted out soon too, the only time I can get a clear one is in the middle of the night! Not the best time for me sound intelligent really….

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